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Name 4 things ...

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Basically, how it will go is I'll say "Name 4 ......" and then the person below me will "name 4 things of whatever topic i choose, and then again state "name 4 things and what-ever-topic they choose".

Topics can be about anything and everything. Point in all of this? to have fun, and "maybe" get to know each other more *good things & bad thing*

Get it?

Ok here goes..

Name 4 things you do on a daily basis.

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NOOOO......Fine !! LOL

. The storage is not big enough for me.

. Gives me more than my bf could :laugh:

. The battery doesnt last long enough.

. Doesnt have a virus protection :ninja:

List 4 things you love about yourself.

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Can I ?? Or one person can only play once ??

OK , here it goes...

+ My MP3 Player or Ipod.

+ My laptop (with internet of course)

+ My friends

+ And gum. :ninja: , folks, im a serious chewer. :|

If your granted 4 wishes, what will you wish for ?? :laugh:

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1. I will wish that My Heart Disease will be completely cured

2. BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like to have a library! a huge one! (like the one on beauty and the beast)

that's all so far..sorry cant think of anything more...

name 4 books you love...

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Peek-a-boo, me again.

:( you have a problem with your heart ??? I wish you the best Angel. :( . My dad got it too but he seems to be better now. Dont worry, you'll be fine :wave:

My fave books.

+ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

+ Harry Potter and the Chamber of secret

+ err..... lets list all of the Harry Potter books as 1.



+ Harry Potter and whatever

+ Tuesdays with Morrie (highly recommend)

+ A world of Fiction. (fave text book, lol)

+ And the bible (oh yeah, whatever !!! :whistle: )

4 things your afraid of ?? :brows:

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* The Fact that he's too Muscular for the Runway

* I hate the fact that hes so cute and he makes me melt

* I hate it when i hear him speak b/c it makes me laugh..so cute

* I hate him because i love him ..huh? sabi nga nila..da more u hate, da more you love..hahahah :wub:

name 4 things u hate about Adriana Lima :evil:

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* when im OL, halos tulog lahat :cry:

* Konti lang icons..pero cute

* pag marami naka OL..ako tulog

* numbers are required for the password..haha one time i totally forgot! but im cool with it now

name 4 things you like about your ipod

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