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Suzan Anbeh


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Suzan Anbeh is a German actress and also model. She’s born in Oberhausen, March 18, 1970. At the age of 17 she moved to Paris for a career in modeling and where she later got involved in acting, first in theatres. Her movie career started in a French movie, l’Homme de la Maison. She had one role in a Hollywood production, French Kiss.

She’s now mainly active in German productions.


Tage Wie Dieser



French Kiss

Va Mourir 

Mann Tut Was Mann Kann

Die Tür



Sauvez par le Gong

L’Enfant Gâté

Blague a Part

Inga Lindström

Der Kriminalist

Alarm Für Cobra 11

Rosamunde Pilcher


Beck is Back!


Die Rosenberg Cops


08761B4F-4E4D-4627-AFFB-A952E50C5207.jpeg 57E6EE43-2999-43EA-979C-0A25E7DEFCF4.jpeg 51ABCE9C-56CF-4D9F-995D-7F5BE200F222.jpeg 81D88F76-27FA-43AC-B7DE-C08AC9E5DD45.jpeg 7A943E16-CAF4-48A0-AC06-5425C678CC6F.jpeg C4462EB4-698E-41F6-860B-E8FA139C136C.jpeg 247E7F00-05F9-4572-867D-C4F7A77659A3.jpeg DB17098F-DBB8-4EE8-B7D3-130737B7FC44.jpeg A38575AD-2EC3-41E3-ABD8-F75D715599CD.jpeg B59AED4E-8FE8-40E8-84A4-57E839F376B6.jpeg 693062BC-374D-4FCC-A468-750D3DD8E76E.jpeg CEE652CE-20F8-4D6A-9FA7-7C27C7536E0D.jpeg 18281941-1895-42B3-80CE-5880B435E25B.jpeg 38784B60-B5C8-4DAA-8C53-609AE0B43CC2.jpeg C225932B-5453-404F-8CC6-8A583783C62F.jpeg 08CB8F89-18EC-49A3-A40D-F663BFACEC78.jpeg BF51D2AC-C18D-46AA-8F44-EE2400ED20E0.jpeg
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