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Model featuring in a Pantene tv commercial (2003)


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Do you know the name of this lovely blonde model who featured in a tv commercial for Pantene clarifying shampoo, aired in some European countries in 2003?

I tried to search it, without success for now.

Look at the screenshots below, but some of them are blurry or show mainly her (beautiful🤩) hair.

Do you know if she featured in other Pantene camaigns or other tv commercials ?



Screenshot_20220126-235900_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220126-235954_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000006_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000013_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000017_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000034_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000028_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000049_Video Player.jpg Screenshot_20220127-000052_Video Player.jpg

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Supplementary information about this TV commercial :

The creative director is Dawn Heuston (from Grey London, that was the producer of many Pantene clips in the 2000s).

The creative consultant is Karen Hagemann. 

The director of photography is Oliver Curtis.

With these small clues, maybe you should find the name of this stunning model (who may have featured in other campaign, including Pantene ones).

Thanks for your answers or other information. 

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