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Gillianne Taylor Leigh


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I can't find any information about who her agency is. She has shot with companies and is featured on their websites and social media (Kylie Swim, Dazed Denim, etc) and photographers as well, so I'm putting her in the model category instead of Other Females of Interest. I can't find her stats obviously, as I can't find a management page for her. She is from Los Angeles.


She tagged these 3 on one of her pictures:







Her IG: https://www.instagram.com/gilliannetaylorleigh/



For Kylie Swim by Amber Asaly

241363140_570629750803007_2893413205273748904_n.jpg 242110678_127922909498902_5183860760042869081_n.jpg 242140032_219356556752171_3309962795636659364_n.jpg 242188637_581388279683941_2925955196659543025_n (1).jpg 242497099_195947192511736_2138229628134116982_n (1).jpg 242497099_195947192511736_2138229628134116982_n.jpg 243649988_922302825310022_8068839965579903910_n.jpg

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On 11/25/2021 at 2:55 PM, pacinko said:

nice, thanks for the thread

hi! I wondered if anyone would like her work. I love tattoos, I probably have close to as many as she does, so I was really into that aspect. But I do like her modeling as well. We will see if anyone else is interested. 



By Demi Kuo (MUA Marlene Santiago)

259086408_227256156062978_4985637928307415632_n.jpg 260032314_101989705628244_7860139689774064165_n.jpg 261142759_299255192078062_7226425146162251584_n.jpg 261178470_857586558247635_7791193193113194587_n.jpg 261417724_4582471505164118_2641074134044897178_n.jpg 261523523_227374566134526_6770018676869699002_n.jpg 261555416_5165191106853038_5385659565288794087_n.jpg 261620953_955882518333521_3511615319263109955_n.jpg 261960664_2365408970283631_3287287303702645617_n.jpg
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