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Liz Jagger, R. Kirby, Margarita Sv., Janeta ??


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Armani  f/w 2004


The site vogue wrote Elizabeth Jagger

I hesitate. She looks like Rachel Kirby too, but 1st time i see this attitude.

Numbers are vogue's order of outfits for presentation at the show. 

A specific model comes back after a lapse of about 40 other outfits by other models for that show.


#3:  1270929194_lizJaggerf04emporio-3a.thumb.jpg.c5cec01b20bf7d01c2e7341019a44e3c.jpg 151469819_lizJaggerf04emporio-3.thumb.jpg.a5687c9e59fe11e132f7a692787a97e9.jpg 2016230630_lizJaggerf04emporio-3n.thumb.jpg.05508590ebb0d7193c8890c3d3521515.jpg


For that one, vogue wrote: Margarita Svegzdaite. I disagree. But who is she ?


#14:  833413695_kirbyf04giorgio-14asv.thumb.jpg.30c76efb67d4ec61827b659cc91ef5a6.jpg  f04giorgio-14--3006928-.thumb.jpg.ff3b518d54dcacee8e738ae800710304.jpg  f04giorgio-14b.thumb.jpg.54a8da53c6a9725b8e421bd34da2c1a9.jpg  1849216212_f04giorgio-71bsvkirbyelse.thumb.jpg.ea2c7b76b0913b30174ffaec61fd3715.jpg #71


For these, i agree Margarita:

sv f04giorgio-33.jpg  sv f04emporio-58.jpg


I found only 1 outfit for Janeta Samp = i recognized only once Janeta.

#60:  janetasamp f04giorgio-60b.jpg


I'll do another post for my other unknowns.


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