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Armani show f/w 2005


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from G. Armani (Milan) f/w 2005


#1   is a well known blonde, but i don't remember... like Flavia Luccini, Ingerid,

#7  looks like Mateja

#10  looks like Sarah Schulze, but she doesn't seem to have her 100 redhead moles in the face...

#11  looks a bit like Emma Booth


1,  2, 3, 4 (Csilla Molnar?)

2048939081_lucinif05giorgio-83e.thumb.jpg.672d74364614ee5ec495b15cbdd5a655.jpg  f05giorgio-25ee.thumb.jpg.01b1ddce7265a6495ae3309f66c1654d.jpg  1326991228_f05giorgio-88ebr.thumb.jpg.00cef566ff5b1ed2f93d370035fda191.jpg  985678163_csillaf05giorgio-71.thumb.jpg.7f12c86ca28fbb909783c917ee293b07.jpg


5, 6, 7, 8

f05giorgio-54e.thumb.jpg.1ff7ca8fe009dcdffabef0d2b164ddf3.jpg f05giorgio-29e.thumb.jpg.790d70dc603b624f3fa327dbc424fd79.jpg  f05giorgio-93a.thumb.jpg.b71d52d6d99ca5c74c386170f86c2f5c.jpg f05giorgio-80e.thumb.jpg.8e527a1fcb531002a2f855ee68771972.jpg


9, 10, 11, 12  (that light blonde has 5 years of Milan's shows)

f05giorgio-56e.thumb.jpg.d08175392ea10402bd7e46c442ebc850.jpg  f05giorgio-74ee.thumb.jpg.701e10ddb33ee49132623da48eb29f1b.jpg  f05giorgio-35e.thumb.jpg.3f8cc5c94bede68442ea7ae5b73b8701.jpg  f05giorgio-89b.thumb.jpg.db433295bcf34df5864d7b3369ba8371.jpg


I identified about 20 models of the show.  T. Usova included.


in 2006, there's a listing:

 amaral, usova, Anita Almasi, xenia, danijelaD, sophie holmes, ilze, egle, olin, swidrak, baguci, woodin,  goda, imai, masha, lavinia, rastovic, maciel, Kaczoruk, serova, strahl, meyer, berger, drews,  dominguez, massaux, ileck, maurine, flavia O, rhein, rhoda, pavlowska, trunfio, sekrier,  Kasia Kniola. 


I didn't recognize any in there, though.


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