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Milan f/w 2002 runway models


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On 8/25/2021 at 9:56 AM, kimflorida said:


2. looks like Katia Kokoreva

Thanks again for your help !

You're right, again. She's not Brit. I remember her as dyed platinum.

I had 3 pics looking the same model. But the hair is not the same length, even though it's the same week. So, 2 different models.

That's the one a thought she was Brit - i just realized it's Vanessa Greca. Apologies.

brit f02jorando-3b.jpg

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14 hours ago, kimflorida said:



I think, Alina Puscau (not sure what number she is... I guess #13)

Yes;  i posted in her page.

Mess:  i drag all pics; i put pics, spaces, return bar, numbers, spaces, return bar, pics, numbers...

And i get that mess !

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or Rachel Anne:
scans with here on Grazia cover Italy 7 August 2001


i posted the pics i recognized her in her page


Should i repost my every bellazon's posts/pics  elsewhere (like TFS)  ?  i noted that you're at listal & TFS for years.

Because i don't have anymore my 3000 pics i posted here...

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