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You are a lover of comfortable style and love to wear sneakers. But soon you have a job interview at a business, you are wondering whether to wear sneakers to the interview or not? Let ZEAL answer for you.



Learn the company culture before going to the interview

Currently, there are many state-owned companies that still keep the old concept of standard attire when going to work, but there are companies that are quite comfortable in that regard, so finding out is inevitable. Because if you want to score points with the employer, you should take the time to learn about the company's culture before going to the interview.


The trend of sports shoes combined with office wear is now gradually becoming a trend and becoming a new style that mixes youthfulness and politeness.

Choose the right color tone

One of the factors that you have to carefully pay attention to is the color of the shoes. Avoid wearing shoes with bright colors or shoes with too many patterns because it will show you disrespect to employers because you are applying for a job, not going out or traveling.

Dark, deep colors will give you a mature and masculine look that shows you are polite. Or you can choose white or soft shoes that will show you are gentle and delicate.

Styles and materials

The right style is a big plus

A pair of low-cut shoes with a simple, light design will match your outfit when you go to an interview and also make you feel more comfortable during the interview. Avoid wearing fancy shoes because it will be very rude in the eyes of the employer.

Shoes with leather or imitation leather will enhance your appearance or canvas shoes or umbrellas are also options that men should check out.

Leather shoes help you increase your style

Conclusion: Through ZEAL's answers, you will probably be less worried about the right outfit when going to the interview, right? Just choose a pair of shoes that match the above criteria, you have scored points in the eyes of the employer. Good luck!

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