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Cup of Nations VIII - Voting

Character Creation  

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  1. 1. How would you like teams made?

    • Let fate decide! (random.org)
    • I wanna make my own, k thanks!

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If you want to make a team(s) PM me and we'll get started. All models are first come first serve.  Please read the rules below before making your team as some rules have changed.


The Teams
Teams are composed of 3 models of the same country.

Total teams: 64


Allowed combinations + Handicaps & Bonuses

We are differing how teams are made from past years. You may make any combo of teams you want, however BE CAREFUL how you make your team(s). Where a model is placed (A/B/C) is due to a couple different factors

1. How well they're placed in the past comps (not just mine)

2. How popular or current they are.

3. How well they're doing in current comps on BZ.

4. Good Old Fashion Common Sense!


If a model is popular, beloved by a large majority of BZ voters, or have shown a record of doing very well in past comps, chances are strong they'll end up as an A

A Examples - Candice, Jo, Taylor, Sara, Elsa, Vika, Vita, Anna Christine, Carmella Rose, Sarah Stephens etc...


If the model is relatively popular, may have once been super beloved on BZ but their popularity has waned a bit, or they could be considered mid tier models who have a bright career ahead of them but aren't quite there yet in terms of being super popular, then they might end up as a B.

B Examples - Adriana, Alessandra, Behati, Raven Lyn, Camila Morrone, Lily Donaldson, Niamh Adkins etc...


If the model is a newbie, doesn't have a thread, is a super niche model with not many fans on BZ, is flat out disliked, or has really never taken off in terms of popularity either because of a lack of interest people have in them, or a lack of work, they might end up as a C.

C Examples - Emily Ratajkowski, Irina Sharipova, Maja Strojek, Venantia Otto, Bar Paly, Jiangyue Wang, Simone Villas Boas  etc...


During team creation I will gladly discuss with you where you think the model should be placed (A/B/C), but the choice is at my discretion. Hopefully between the two of us we can come up with something that works for both of us. Bring your common sense and a lack of bias.


A-model vs. A-model = no bonuses/handicaps
A-model vs. B-model = A model score reduced by 25%

B-model vs. B-model = no bonuses/handicaps
B-model vs. C-model = B model score reduced by 20%  & C model score increases 20%
A-model vs. C-model = A model score reduced by 30% & C model score increases 30%

C-model vs. C-model = no bonuses/handicaps


The Rounds

We're going to do a round robin double knockout competition. Basically we all know that sometimes a pairing is blatantly unfair... sometimes these pairings are so ridiculous from one model being a titan to another being a relative unknown. So in this instance we're going to make things a bit more fair.

Each team will go through at least two rounds of elimination.
Everyone starts out normally in the competition. If you win you go on to round 2. Now if you lose rather then being knocked out immediately you get bumped down to the consolation round 1. If you lose that consolation round you're knocked out completely. However if you win you move on to the second consolation round. To put it bluntly you can still lose once and go on to win the competition... coming back through the back door so to speak.



I will need 4 pictures of each model (vertical only). HQ preferred 200x300 in size. If you need help finding pictures then drop me a PM.




Abby Champion
Alessandra Ambrosio
Alesya Kaf
Alexa Dol
Alexandria Morgan
Alexina Graham
Alina Kirchiu
Amalia Strand
Amilna Estevao
Anastasiia Matviienko
Anastasiya Scheglova
Anda Kiev
Anna Zak
Anna-Christina Schwartz
Annie Morrissey
Arielle Panta
Auguste Abeliunaite
Bar Refaeli
Barbara Palvin
Barbara Rodiles
Behati Prinsloo
Bianca Balti
Blanca Padilla
Blanka Berki
Bridget Satterlee
Bruna Lirio
Bryana Holly
Camila Morrone
Camille Kostek
Carina Zalvine
Carmella Rose

Carolina Sanchez
Catalina Izcue

Catarina Maia
Celeste Bright
Celine Farach
Chandler Bailey
Chanique Rabe
Charlie Robertson

Charly Jordan
Chelcie May
Cindy Kimberly
Cindy Mello
Cindy Prado
Cintia Dicker
Clara Alonso
Colleen Cole
Daniela Lopez Osorio
Danielle Ifrah
Danielle Knudson
Darya Yanchik
Dioni Tabbers
Doutzen Kroes
Eden Fines
Edita Vilkevicuite
Effy Harvard
Eline Syrdalen

Elisha Herbert
Elizabeth Turner
Elle Trowbridge
Elona Lebedeva
Elsa Hosk
Emily Deyt Aysage
Emily Didonato
Erin Cummins
Frida Aasen
Frida Gustavsson
Gabrielle Caunesil
Galina Dubenenko

Gayeanne Hazlewood
Georgia Gibbs
Giedre Dukauskaite

Gillian Nation
Gisele Bundchen
Giuliana Graul
Hailey Clauson
Hailey Outland
Hanna Verhees
Hannah Ferguson
Hayley Maxfield
Ignacia Fernandez
Ignacia Walton
Isabelle Mathers
Jamea Lynee
Janine Tugonon
Jessica Nazarenu
Josefina Cisternas
Josephine Skriver
Juli Mery
Juliane Snekkestad
Kamila Hansen
Kari Riley
Kate Li
Katherine Konlin
Kelly Gale
Kelsey Merritt
Kristina Sheiter
Lais Ribeiro
Lea Dina Mohr
Leidy Amelia Labrador
Leonila Guz
Leticia Vigna
Linda Palacio
Lini Kennedy Oliveira
Lisiane Witt
Loren Kemp
Lorena Rae
Lucia Bramani

Maelys Garouis
Maggie Rawlins
Maria Borges
Maria Rodrigues
Marija Shatilo
Marina Bondarko
Marina Laswick
Maryna Linchuk
Maura Maurer
Maylin Aguirre
McKenna Berkley
Megan Williams
Melinda London
Melody Le
Michea Crawford
Milagros Pineiro
Miranda Kerr
Mishel Micheev
Nastia Sobol
Natalia Krasavina
Natalie Roser
Natasja Madsen
Niamh Adkins
Nibar Madar
Nicola Cavanis
Nicole Harrison
Nina Agdal
Noemi Kovacs
Olivia Brower
Omer Nudelman
Paula Minetti
Polina Malinovskaya
Rachel Vallori
Rafaella Consentino
Raven Lyn
Renee Herbert
Renee Murden
Robin Holzken
Romi Frenkel
Romi Pavoncello
Rona Mahal
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Sabrina Barca
Sara Orrego
Sara Sampaio
Sarah Stephens
Sasha Apostoliluc
Sasha Luss
Saule Silinyte
Shanina Shaik
Sharam Diniz
Sima Jakuleviciute
Sonya Gorelova
Sophi Knight
Sophia Di Giorgio
Stephanie Rayner
Sydney Melman
Tanya Kizko
Tanya Mityushina
Taylor Bryant

Taylor Hill
Thylane Blondeau
Toni Garrn
Trinidad De La Noi
Valentina Zelyaeva

Valeria Lakhina
Valeria Rudenko
Valery Kaufman
Veronica Zoppolo
Veronika Istomina
Victoria Lee
Vika Bronova
Vika Radchenko
Viki Odintcova
Vita Sidorkina
Viviana Vizzini
Xenia Deli
Xian Mikol
Yael Shelbia
Yana Haenisch
Yara Khmidan
Yulia Rose
Zhenya Katava

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64 of 64 teams



Argentina - Team(s)

Angola - Team(s)




Canada - Team(s)


Colombia - Team(s)

Cuba - Team(s)


France - Team(s)


Hungary - Team(s)

Israel - Team(s)



Moldova - Team(s)

Namibia - Team(s)



Philippines - Team(s)

Portugal - Team(s)


Spain - Team(s)




Uruguay - Team(s)



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Just now, lostdiadem said:

I can help you :rofl: it’s just that with the new layout, we can’t put the 500x600 templates anymore, they come out small.

fml... what is the new size?

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1 minute ago, Prettyphile said:

fml... what is the new size?

I’m not sure, I talked about this with Maddog and he said the most is 300 width. In fact in my comp I’m posting single pictures 300x400 next to each other.

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So pictures that are 200x300 work out fine.  These templates which I normally use are 400x600 and they can sit next to each other fine without getting smaller.



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14 minutes ago, Prettyphile said:

Starting to work on templates, thank you to everyone who's sent in pics so quickly :chicken:

I PMd you about the teams, not sure if you saw it.

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Nominations are closed!

192 models

29 Countries (a new record!)


You have 10ish days to get all your images to me. Pics must be at least 200px x 300px and try and get the best quality you can.

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  • Prettyphile changed the title to Cup of Nations VIII - Voting

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