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Madison Martina

Madison Martina is an American model, influencer and blogger. Her portfolio and work ranges from print work, promotional work, magazine publications, editorial, e-commerce modeling, commercials, and more.

Born in Orlando, Florida, Madison started modeling at the age of twelve, but took a break during high school and college to focus on academics. After graduating from College she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her modeling career. She is currently represented in LA, Miami, Las Vegas and Mexico.

Madison has worked for companies such as Guess, TooFaced Cosmetics, Anastasia, Beverly Hills, Jouer Cosmetics, Revice Denim, Shutz, Emotae, Honey Dew, Asoph, Natalie B Jewelry, Erin Fader Jewelry, Swirl Boutique, Native Poppy, Pink Motel Boutique, Late Night Gypsy, Vasquez Rocks, Poni Cosmetics, Kya Swim, Tabacaruu Swim, Honey Birdette, Année Swim, Velvet Heart and more.




IG handle: @madisonmartina


  • height

  • bust

  • waist

  • hips

  • dress

  • shoe

  • hair

  • eyes




Portfolio at NEXT MIAMI



w4dtvziiay8wjelxoit1.jpg s9s2eihdjrhtyv5vugl5.jpg qifsyemcfsupkhiugbnt.jpg fggco2vaogkchrnlpvjb.jpg tsnoclbqmfjk521p6bv4.jpg mm1mecbvz86boeijey0y.jpg qxs8hxwxndxajrrfrzyr.jpg pxsykeamcykg7hqmezez.jpg xmdmzzoqocsvy7ho459z.jpg kooexpzclakf7ajp5oes.jpg kwcgbuxhj9cd8fhrqwzr.jpg imp6udvaskywkt06jezg.jpg vr86tqgmiithruizmuka.jpg w5ibdm50so6mxuntsxax.jpg y4n3wzwafkbtanpxezur.jpg zxwvyhgxzv5jtgo7xeqr.jpg arhmoyhwkg5uveugwxgm.jpg svhu0kvbap5vbfw5bzay.jpg b4umv6ivomohum9yluu5.jpg glirdnfdao7eettlh1rt.jpg sbwolbgnw4fx0juqwlxz.jpg lbcwiza1zilambfh969v.jpg gl01ggrbtabk6jmaebln.jpg wju3v50eba2y8zwaz8y6.jpg qeerdrxuaygifksboith.jpg fm7ey2sgofggv4vn35d2.jpg nvdrshm0iabuzhve3r0p.jpg hvyrtf27lgybdvrugmw8.jpg acc8fe8arv48gulnevsb.jpg pm1evuiqjbilciqak1jg.jpg rot5zkmsdmnyizdoodne.jpg qo6pmdbirdztekbmapqa.jpg dqsd1kgjsifmctnevwjs.jpg vjb2k8n6ykcmjf9jzyo5.jpg

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