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Sex/Age/Marital status/Sexual Orientation/Location/Work/Education/etc.?

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Sex - Female

Age - 18

Marital status - dating a boy and a girl :rofl:

Height/Weight - 1.62m / 47kg (i dont know the other way, sorry)

Sexual Orientation - Bisexual

Location - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Work/Education - Going to Fashion School in 2008.

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Thanks Renee for bringing this back. :D

Sex - Female

Age - 19

Marital status - ... taken but.... distance :/

Height/Weight - :blah: / 95 pounds

Sexual Orientation - whatever you people say, im straight :persuazn:

Location - Los Angeles/ now : San Jose.

Work/Education - educated.

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Sex - Female

Age - 22

Marital status - single :D

Height/Weight - 6feet/90 (I lost weight :(

Sexual Orientation - straight :D

Location - Sarajevo

Work/Education - journalist/graduated from university

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Sex - Male

Age - 23

Marital status - single

Height/Weight - 6'1"/215 lbs

Sexual Orientation - straight

Location - Clearwater, FL

Work/Education - failure analysis technician while I search for my engineering job

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Sex - Female

Age - 19

Marital status - single. Freedom people, freedom

Height/Weight - 5'10 / 122 pounds (could be around 125+ since vacation brings goodies in the form of chocolate and icecream :woot: )

Sexual Orientation - straight, I think

Location - The Netherlands. Now: London

Work/Education - Finished college. Now deciding if I wanna go Uni or not.

OT: a lot of +/- 16 year olds here. I'm starting to feel old :blink:

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Sex - Female

Age - 21

Marital status - Taken

Height/Weight - 5'8 / 125 pounds

Sexual Orientation - Straight,

Location - South Carolina

Work/Education - Order Rep. @ Fruit of the Loom. Some College. I have all my basics out the way now I just have to figure out what I want to do with my life. :)

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