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Cristiano Ronaldo: "We want titles. That's what we're focused at"

After a first sensacional display of the season against L.A. Galaxy, Cristiano Ronaldo referred that his goal wasn't very important at this stage and that the team is very focused on winning titles this season. CR7 also commented Fábio Coentrão's debut and assumed he was probably the MVP of the match.

The waiting is finally over. Football fans all over the World can now put their happy faces once again, since Cristiano Ronaldo is back to business and in what a way the Portuguese player made his comeback. However, CR7 preferred not to get much credits for his individual performance against L.A. Galaxy and noted that the most important thing is that Real Madrid is on the right tracks for winning titles this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I scored a good goal, but that wasn't the most important thing in this match. What matters is that this was our first preparation game and we're doing things the right way to prepare next season. We want to keep things like this." Ronaldo was also asked to comment about other Real Madrid players performances and CR7 shared his oppinion on who deserves to be elected the MVP of the match. Cristiano Ronaldo: "Fábio Coentrão had a great match. He probably was the best player in the match. I'm pretty sure that he'll give many joys to Real Madrid fans."

Cristiano Ronaldo: "We want to win titles. That's our main focus this season." said the Portuguese just before ending the quick flash interview with the journalists. Still regarding L.A. Galaxy vs Real Madrid post-game reactions, David Beckham also had something to say and praised Cristiano Ronaldo for his tremendous goal. Beckham: "Cristiano Ronaldo goal was just amazing and we all know he can do such things whenever he wants, because he's just that kind of player. He truly is a great talent. I already said earlier this week, that Ronaldo is not only one of the most technically gifted players in the World, but he also works very hard. No one can reach that kind of level without putting a lot of effort and hard work. That is why he is the best player in the World. He's exceptional!", reckonized Beckham to the ESPN.

Real Madrid next opponent in the United States pre-season tour will be the Mexican team Chivas Guadalajara. The match will take place in San Diego, on the 21st of July (European Time). José Mourinho is expected to rotate again the team and Cristiano Ronaldo will probably start the match on the lineup.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: "I would like to have a daughter"

Cristiano Ronaldo recently confessed he would like to add a daughter to his family. CR7, who is currently dating with Irina Shayk, is already a father of a 1 year little boy, also named Cristiano Ronaldo "Junior". The 26 year old Real Madrid player, sees himself as a family man and hopes to have the chance to raise more children in the future.

Those who know Cristiano Ronaldo really well, are aware that the Portuguese has family values in high regard and esteem. Already being father of a 1 year old boy, Cristiano Ronaldo isn't afraid of parenthood and confessed earlier this week that he would love to have a daughter someday in the future. However, CR7 said there's no need to rush things...

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I would like to have many children, just like David Beckham has and I would love if one of them could be a little girl." said the Real Madrid star in Los Angeles. Ronaldo also said he has a great relationship with his son: "My 13 months son, Cristiano, is really beautiful and he loves to play football with me, everytime I get back from practice." CR7 also commented that he likes when people look at him as a family man, since he has his priorities straight and considers that "family is more important than football/soccer".

Still regarding the possiblity of increasing his family, Cristiano Ronaldo shooted: "Maybe one day I'll have many children as Beckham has, who knows? I definately want more kids, but I can't tell you when that's going to happen. That's the sort of things that you simply can't plan. They should happen naturally. But it's true that I'm really enjoying being a dad!". David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham, recently had their fourth kid, a little girl called Harper Seven. The other three kids from Beckham's clan are: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

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Superstar’s three goals in quick succession end Real Madrid’s frustration against Chivas

If there’s an enduring moment from Real Madrid’s 3-0 win against Chivas of Guadalajara at Qualcomm Stadium on Wednesday night, it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo’s three goals in the space of 10 minutes.

It’s Ronaldo yanking the ball out of the net after the first one and punting it 60 yards in the air.

In pure, utter frustration.

Real Madrid has spent the past 10 days staying at the swank Beverly Hills Hotel, training on the lush fields of UCLA, shopping on Rodeo Drive, going to celebrity-studded receptions, eating catered meals. It barely broke a sweat Saturday in a 4-1 destruction of the Los Angeles Galaxy at the L.A. Coliseum in the first of three U.S. games.

It couldn’t be bothered with braving L.A. traffic for the trip to San Diego, so it (yes) flew down on the charter jet it brought from Madrid a few hours before kickoff and flew back immediately afterward.

But any sense that this was a vacation disguised as a preseason training camp quickly evaporated at Qualcomm Stadium, where Chivas proved that they’re no MLS team. Or at least they did for 73 minutes.

That’s when Karim Benzema got loose down the right sideline and sent a low cross toward Ronaldo, who slipped between two defenders – deftly controlling the ball with his left foot, shooting with his right – to slot it past goalkeeper Luis Michel from point-blank range.

Three minutes later, Pepe was fouled in the box by Chivas’ Omar Arellano and Ronaldo converted the penalty.

Six minutes after that, Mesut Ozil sent in a cross and Ronaldo threaded a shot through a tangle of defenders to complete his 10-minute hat trick.

That Ronaldo, the 2008 FIFA world player of the year, was still in the game speaks to Chivas’ ability to foil the Spanish giants in the first half. Coach Jose Mourinho spent most of the night standing in front of the Real Madrid bench, hands on hips, head tilted to the side, trying to figure out how his multinational roster of multimillionaires was being shut out by a club that refuses to sign any foreigners – and not making the wholesale substitutions that most expected.

After playing only the second half against the Galaxy, Ronaldo went the full 90 minutes here. So did Marcelo. Benzema went 78. Ozil went 83.

Maybe that was the plan. Or maybe it was out of necessity.

This being its final preseason game before Mexico’s Primera Division opens Saturday, Chivas started close to its best 11 (including San Ysidro High alum Manuel Angel Ponce at left back) and made only one sub – for injury – before the 68th minute.

“To play against one of the three best teams in the world,” Chivas coach Jose Luis Real said, “that motivated us, that excited us. Chivas was going to be Chivas. We weren’t going to try anything strange, like sit back and defend.

“The first opportunities of the game were ours, and unfortunately we couldn’t covert them.”

Indeed, Chivas conjured two good chances in the opening two minutes, which was roughly what the Galaxy managed in 90 minutes Saturday. And later in the first half, it took a perfectly-timed slide tackle by Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane in the penalty area to dispossess Arellano in front of goal.

Real Madrid would respond with several chances of its own, but Michel thwarted them with one spectacular save after another.

The message was clear: On a night when Manchester United was beating the MLS’s Seattle Sounders 7-0 in another World Football Challenge game, the Meringues were going to have to work for it.

That point was driven home in the 37th minute, when Chivas defender Edgar Mejia took out Ronaldo with a hard tackle and drew a yellow card. It was the first of five yellows, including one in the second half against Ronaldo for wrestling Mario de Luna to the ground on a free kick.

“This was a much more complicated game,” Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero said when asked to compare Chivas to the Galaxy. “It took a lot of work to get that first goal because Chivas was defending well. This was much more intense.”

Added Pepe: “Chivas came out strong in the first half. They held onto the ball better (than the Galaxy).”

If there was a disappointment, it was the crowd, which was announced as 38,211 but looked closer to 25,000. This, in a stadium that seats close to 70,000. This, for a game matching maybe the world’s greatest club and Mexico’s most popular club.

One problem may have been ticket prices. They started at $40, but those quickly sold out and prices climbed steeply from there. It also didn’t help that the game coincided with opening day at the Del Mar horse races and the massive ComicCon convention downtown.

Or that Chivas will be back in the area soon. Chivas originally was scheduled to play the Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles on Aug. 3, but that conflicted with another World Football Challenge exhibition against Barcelona in Miami on the same day.

The official league schedule on the Mexican federation website still lists Chivas at Tijuana on Aug. 3, but the Xolos website no longer lists a time or date next to the Chivas home game. And on Tuesday, Chivas confirmed the Aug. 3 game at Estadio Caliente has been postponed, most likely until September.

source: signonsandiego.com

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