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Agent Provocateur Lingerie Models

Rajesh Gavkar

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21 minutes ago, fletch said:

Not Maitlyn Simmons?

Yes i know they look similars but Catalina does a lot of modeling for Agent Provocateur, you can find all her pictures of Agent Provocateur on Listal (you have to login for see all 🙂).


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Number 1 and 2 should be the same model : Hailey Clauson , for AP SS 2014  or around !!

Number 7 is Stefania Ivanescu for L'Agent Campaign SS 2015 .

Doubts on nr 11 around 2012 , actresses pictured were Mylene Jampanoi and Amber Anderson but this model is neither Mylene nor Amber !! So who else ?  

Hope it helps !!

Nice WE.


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Thanks a lot aubadfrfan . You are right about Model Number 7 is Stefania Ivanescu. She did modeled for L'Agent Campaign SS 2015. :clap:


You are not correct about Model Number 1 and 2.

Indeed Hailey Clauson stars in Agent Provocateur's Spring 2014 Campaign "Behind Close Doors". Number 1 and 2 models seems to be part of the same campaign but they both are different models and also not Hailey.

Here is how Hailey look like...




Also Number 11 in not Mylene Jampanoi or Amber Anderson, you are correct about that too. Thank you for trying though....❤️




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Rajesh, sorry, it's my mistake !!!

You are right !! For 1 and 2 , same campaign "behind close doors  SS 2014 but absolutely not Hailey !!!

No trace of this (or these ) model  nowhere !!! 

Who is that ( beautiful) girl ???

With kind regards.


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