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"Things that you could never live without"


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I just wanted to take a beautiful picture so I can put it on my hi5 profile & like what`s more beutiful then the things you love & you actualy need :hehe:

& I thought at a topic : "Things that you could never live without" :D

Post pics of those things or just say what are those things :) ... could be a funny topic

Here are mine. The quality of the picture is bad coz I tryed to edit it & it sucked :/


Anyhow... There`s my needed stuff :D , my magazines,mascara, my lip gloss & my lil mirror :shifty: , my phone`s , my cigarettes & my lighter :evil: ,my mints,my glasses,mypaper serviettes & a few other stuffz ...


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MY - toothbrush,mascara,lipgloss,blusher,curler,mints,glasses,balenciaga bag,chanel chance fragrance,monthly rolling stone magazine,little mirror,ipod,cellphone,marlboro menthols(yeah,i started to smoke :(),zippo lighter,paper serviettes,tweezers,nail file... ;)

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