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Golden/Silver Age Models

Truth In Beauty

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#2 Dorian Leigh?

#4 Lucinda Hollingsworth? (album cover)

#9 Leslie Parrish/Marjorie Hellen.

#10 is an album cover.

#13 Kecia Nyman?

#14 Sara Thom.

#18 Tilly Tizzani?

#19 is a Paul Mitchell ad/model.

#20 Nancy Kovack?

#22 Avon lipstick ad.

#23 Angela Little?

#24 Erica Toth? (Mini Mist shampoo ad)



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nightowl, I’m glad you enjoyed the request!


And fletch, you’re a wellspring of information, thank you!  I’ve suspected, from other comments, that reverse image searches might be possible on the Internet (I’ve never tried it).  After a bit of researching, I found out how to do it.  The results are hit and miss, but I’ll try it before I submit future images.


For this posting, #’s 2, 13, 14, 18, 19, 22 are spot on, I’d say.  #’s 4 and 20 are possible.  #’s 9, 23 and 24 I don’t think are matches (Little and Toth—at least the ones that come up on my searches, thanks to the names--are too young to have been modeling in those days).

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You are correct about Angela Little, Erica Toth was the Playboy September 1968 cover model so she is definitely old enough.

A tip for Eastern European and Russian models - try Yandex image search. Much of it is in Russian (I read a little) but I have found several ids there.

As always, you're welcome and thank you for checking the ages - I always forget to do that.

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