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Since the General Discussion, Model ID, section exists to help identify models and celebs, as stated (and since the Actresses section doesn't seem to have a sub-topic to identify uncredited actresses--or extras) I'm asking these questions here.  If this posting needs to be moved, so be it.


The first actress extra is from the first season of the original Star Trek, usually seen as a crew member aboard the Enterprise.  Her most notable appearance was as a cabaret girl from Rigel II in the episode "Shore Leave".





Next up is from The Next Generation, first season episode "11001001".  Riker creates a character named Minuet (played by Carolyn McCormick), on the Holodeck.  After the Enterprise's computer is reset, Minuet's character is "reset," and is then briefly played by an uncredited extra.






Finally, the sequel web series, Star Trek: Continues, completes the five year mission with the episode "To Boldly Go" Part II.  Kirk gives a farewell speech to the 400+ crew members.  Seated in the crowd is a brunette extra.






Any help identifying these extras would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Live long and... well, may beauty keep prospering.🖖

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