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Mariana Araujo Brazil

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I cannot find any model agency for this girl,or any work other than what she has posted on Social Media.I was going to start a thread but because of lack of work ,I simply cannot justify one,pity though she is very beautiful.Any help in finding a portfoio ,Agency ,runway any work at all ,Thanking you in advance Lydiapeach.

@marianarauj0. twitter .insta. Has shoots by Henrique Cesar. plus Marco Giuliano


117798853_993970407698565_6549791285543842177_n.jpg m1.jpg m.jpg 72554844_183076949477925_3197286597561898620_n.jpg 19050881_1034629416671496_963751233422622720_n.jpg 18013133_265477237247504_778773176736808960_n.jpg 18014048_1856057217987122_9102218280814247936_n.jpg 72219105_538797310255707_842129769320605686_n.jpg 67907467_477521116395176_8219797105342661539_n.jpg 69690143_153520629182062_1676737888965768088_n.jpg 71506902_402800813719757_3285754012762665178_n.jpg 71520054_564101434418225_8193768305121399867_n.jpg 30086011_757255874473516_5547973830800048128_n.jpg 35998911_408516389664793_6129719652030349312_n.jpg 116131581_323264802170375_3383588933902883079_n.jpg 115402613_154002522950571_474441162736812668_n.jpg 74797333_193243601701883_4711414753827070415_n.jpg

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