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Anastasiya Jepsen


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Anastasiya Jepsen has been a model since 2013 and is represented by UNIQUE MODELS.
Besides modelling, Anastasiya has a big talent for karate in which she has the brown belt. She has won EM and DM twice in a row.
Besides karate she is very interested in several other kinds of sports, fashion, food and traveling.
4AC9F-57D3-5B3E-F716-8FC3A59DA837.jpg 4D29A-C88C-AC00-26DC-CF8543652AE5.jpg 6E846-11C0-36D0-1A05-E64F290F07F4.jpg 7BFDF-B2CF-15CE-BDD6-6DCBFE0A65F7.jpg 368A6-8EFF-BF26-F6B6-5028476B03B8.jpg 789D0-76AC-098C-CD39-EF4517DEDDBB.jpg 5278D-B231-35DA-414B-6F08A0F7A146.jpg 8259E-ED78-3F8F-A98F-FEA6B7C15EFD.jpg 51311-5412-AA17-0508-93E80A51E12E.jpg 58991-C158-D00A-E21C-E4FBEA7D098E.jpg BD5FE-3654-5E35-7641-8B2562038E83.jpg BF4B0-712B-D293-776A-92CBC50E5B65.jpg C77E9-F5B0-2634-C80C-F4B9A174BDDE.jpg CC2C4-ED9E-6DA8-52AC-94CE7825DEF1.jpg F3C0A-9A59-6557-0071-CB4DC5D69F71.jpg F2954-781F-4014-E4DD-509CA16619D5.jpg
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