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Some of these models I have identified but people are disagreeing with me. Some I need confirmation on.

Lana Ogilivie?


Laura Weaver?



This one i won’t suggest not to sway





2E9B547E-6EFB-4AEF-AAF8-3CE364A4C769.jpeg C3C18278-3288-41A1-B06E-CE790DA77F1E.jpeg 3FEDFA5C-D064-4446-AA4A-FFB486AE266B.jpeg

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#7 might be Odette Annable. The cover model has a mole to the left (her right) and I found this photo of Odette with a mole in relatively the same place (below the shadow of her hand). I'm definitely not sure but with Olivia Wilde and Claudia on the cover, it's possible.


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