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By Darkzen


Now I bring a great interview! Liudmila our friend singer of the band Witchcraft, you seduce your eyes, your voice, your darkness ... we go to the interview! I leave also the new photos of a new session!


hello hello! my friend! Liudmila! how you've been!



Hi, I’m fine but a little bit sad. I want more action in my life!


Darkzen: you not be sad my friend!


What you've done all this time?  

Oh, I was in deep depression, so only new light colour of my hair saved me from the dark.


Liudmila Angel who is now in this 2014?

I’m a singer of Russian metal band Witchcraft, a writer of horror stories and a little bit a model. Now I’m on 10 place in TOP-100 in “MAXIM” magazine. So, it was pleasant to be in this list.


Darkzen: wow! 


New projects you have in mind? some solo? some dueto in special?

We are going to record a new album, all the songs are written, we should have enough time and money to record it in the best way! 


We have seen very different pictures of you! in which you look very beautiful, which you pass on to your photos?

Only my mood… Sometimes I’d like to show my inner world with the help of pictures, because of it there is a lot of blood. I’m a very unhappy person; I don’t like to live in such a world as this one! There are a lot of sad things: animals suffer, no love, death and diseases.  I’m a vegan but so many people don’t understand why I don’t want to eat animals.


We say of his album last year, the album 7, there will be some other new video?

A New video “My Demons”, we made it in this spring. I like it very much. So much artificial and real blood.  I love this song, it is all about my inner demons, that are not always bad. They save me from some cruel people and reality.


How was the received this album in your home country?

Very good! I think it is the best album of Witchcraft for this time. But we have no opportunity to earn enough money with it! Just gave it life, released and watched how people all over the world got it from torrents and internet.


Darkzen: that is not good...


tell us a little about the history of this album, as emerged? whose idea was it?

All the songs are quite different. I think we had a lot of experiments when we worked. I’m the author of idea, all the images and Lyrics. All music we created with Arsafes – our guitarist.


You wrote some songs?

I can say that it was done by the whole band. Every musician tried to get something his own in music, ideas.


The cover art of the disk, what means and why it's called the album 7?

In many song of this album there is this number in lyrics and names. It is a lucky number for me. On the cover I and Kate (the violin of Witchcraft),  we are both from another world, may be dead but still beautiful, with moths, speders and cold. It means lonelyness and pain. You are alive but feel like not.


Some new tour in Europe or outside of Russia?

May be next year. If you want to invite us to your country we don’t mind.


Any questions that you would like to ask you about yourself, you have not asked?

Why Do I do all these things? I mean: create music, write books and make photos. I’d like to be an ordinary person for all the people but I know how to live with out hope in a small dirty town and to have a dream – to be a musician and writer. One day I listerned one Nightwish’ album... And this year I was with Tarja on one stage!!! Dreams come true! They should come true! And I want that every talanted person in every small town knows somebedy like he could do it and he can also! Just try! Just believe!


Anything else you would like to add for your fans?

Stay strong, my dear! Life is too short!


Thank you very much my friend, for this new opportunity, the last words are yours to all our readers!

Thanks a lot! Love you so much. Sorry for my English I have no practice for a long time.



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