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Unusual Request; Help me Identify which model is which - they look the same.

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Earlier this year I discovered one of the most beautiful models I've ever seen in my life. I found her only by name, "Julia Biylk" via this post

which provided this photo



I later found tons of photos of what I thought were her on Eblin.Kr, a korean lingerie website - which tracked since La-Mode is a korean modeling agency.



You can see more photos of her on my blog Here


I later found her instagram, I believe with the help of someone here on Bellazon.

She doesn't have anything on her instagram of her lingerie modeling. But here's the best photo from there;



Ok. Now here's the problem.


I just recently discovered model Wiktoria Brzuska with SPP Models

Unfortunately her Instagram is private, which makes things difficult.

If you look at the photos of her on SPP... you'll find that she looks more like Julia Biylk

than Julia Biylk does.


Now my concern is ... of the photos I've posted of "julia" on my blog ... Which of those might actually be Wiktoria....


This is a headache. How can two people look so similar? XD


Appreciate your help.

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