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British Vogue:  Is Gisele Really Retiring?

SAY it ain't so: rumours today suggest that Gisele Bundchen - the world's highest-paid model for almost a decade, and a catwalk veteran of almost 20 years - could be ready to take her final turn on the catwalk.

Whispers originating from Brazilian Daily Moda Estadão suggest that the supermodel plans to end her prolific catwalk career on home turf, walking her final show for Colcci at São Paulo Fashion Week in April. Bündchen is a long-time face of the brand, and has walked in the show many times before - including when four months pregnant in 2009- and even chose the show as her first catwalk appearance after the birth of her son Benjamin in 2010.

Although her catwalk appearances have decreased in recent years, as is normal for models reaching the peak of their earning power, Bundchen most recently walked at one of the major fashion weeks in Paris ,but then walked for Colcci in São Paulo in November.



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The Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, 34, announced on Wednesday (18) retirement from the catwalk.


"Gisele will focus on special projects and will also devote more time to her number one priority: her family," said in a statement Patricia Bündchen, her sister and representative.

Throughout his career, which began 20 years ago, Gisele Bündchen has cultivated a reputation for working and disciplined. She is married to the idol of football Tom Brady, who has two children.

Over two decades, Gisele has built a solid career - has been the face of big brands such as Chanel, and modeled for the likes of Valentino, Versace or Louis Vuitton.

According to the magazine "Forbes", she earned about US $ 153 million last year alone. Eight years ago, Gisele sports rank of highest-paid model in the world, according to the publication. São Paulo Fashion Week Rumors about retirement Gisele Bundchen gained strength in recent days, ahead of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest event fashion in Brazil, which takes place between 13 and 17 April.



On Tuesday (17), the press office of Colcci, brand for which Gisele parades in Sao Paulo Fashion Week since 2005, told AFP that it was all speculation.

According to rumors, the last Gisele parade occur precisely in next season's fashion week. From there, she would devote herself exclusively to advertising campaigns.


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It gets weirder....:rofl: (But WWD is very legit and seems to be the first with an actual statement from her people...)



Is Gisele Bündchen Really Retiring From the Runway?
AU CONTRAIRE: Not so fast. After swirling media reports proclaiming the runway retirement of Gisele Bündchen — rumors had surfaced that she’d be walking her very last show during the upcoming Sao Pãulo Fashion Week in April, for a brand called Colcci — a rep at IMG said that the information had been “lost in translation.” The rep stated that because no official statement had been made from the model herself, no conclusions should be drawn on her behalf — at least not yet.
“Gisele made no statement,” the source said. “The truth of the matter is that we still have a very strong relationship with several international brands for which [Gisele] may have to do shows — special projects — in the future. It’s true that she doesn’t do fashion week; she doesn’t do 17 shows in all three cities, and she’s not going to start. But that’s not to say that she might not work on a special project in the future. The word retirement is a little bit of an extreme word.”
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Gisele is invited to star in a Brazilian soap opera. Episode about "Powerful models" (something like this...)


Surprise! The top giseleofficial was invited to work in the next novel 19h. Does she accept? Learn all now in bit.ly/gisele-bundchen-novela






some articles say she already accepted the offer. Her sister also liked a post about it. :p

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thanks ^ I used a translator, so basically she is over doing catwalks and wants to focus on other things but never say never. If there is a special show or something she may do it one day?


Also she says she has many projects lined up? and she says she will work all her life. :p Love it. 





Her parents,5 sisters,friends and some fans will be front row at her last show (Tom is staying in Boston to watch Ben & Vivian)


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Supermodel Gisele says body 'asked to stop' runway life

Sao Paulo (AFP) - Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is retiring from the catwalk next week after a two-decade-long career, said in an interview out Saturday that she's quitting after her body "asked her to stop."

Bundchen, 34, who will make her final sashay down the catwalk during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, said in the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper that she had "learned to listen to her body."

"Automatically my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body, it's a privilege to be able to stop" runway work, said Bundchen, the highest paid model in the world, according to Forbes.

Bundchen emphasized that she is not retiring but will continue off-the-runway work and spend more time with her family.

The blonde Brazilian beauty, who has already reduced her number of appearances, is married to New England Patriots star Tom Brady, with whom she has two young children, Benjamin and Vivian.

"I don't see how to continue (modeling on the catwalk) ... and stopping will leave room for other projects I have for myself," Bundchen said, without specifying other upcoming plans.

Bundchen -- who Forbes says has been the world's highest-earning model for the past eight years, with $47 million in earnings last year -- is expected to turn her focus to print ad campaigns.

She has worked with the likes of Chanel, Valentino, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Carolina Herrera. She has also many times been a Victoria's Secret "Angel."

Sao Paulo Fashion week, where Bundchen has been a fixture throughout her career, lasts from April 13-17.


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Gisele invited Caroline Ribeiro and Fernanda Tavares to walk at her last show :D  
Farewell! Gisele invites friends to parade at Fashion Week
Brazilian model makes last career parades next week


The farewell of Gisele Bundchen the catwalks promises strong emotions such as adiantaram the Carol Ribeiro and Fernanda Tavares models during the amfAR gala ball, on the night of Friday (10), in São Paulo. The two have been specially invited by übermodel to go up next to her on the catwalk in the presentation of Colcci during the Sao Paulo Fashion Week next week.


"It appeared the invitation and is such an important time there was no way not to participate," said Fernanda Tavares, who is not seen more frequently in parades.


"She invited her friends to parade, so let's celebrate this moment with her," said Carol Ribeiro, parading yet for Ellus and Osklen during the summer fashion 2016. Despite the confirmation, the model does not believe much in retirement of Gisele: "I think it comes back always say that, but think back."

Despite the rush and the tumultuous life of Tom Brady's wife and have moved away from the two friends, Carol says Gisele "keeps her roots" and recalled story of the two then 15 when divided in model homes across the world. "We had Divided house in Japan and did cap each other to leave hair smooth before casting."



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Gisele already said in her recent interviews she was not retiring, and to never say never about walking a runway again. ugh the media. always inferring what they want.



Here is the main article typed out: 



Gisele Bündchen May Not Be Off the Runway Just Yet 

“Why would she do this to us?” wailed Anita Bitton, the fashion-industry casting director, when confronted with the news of Gisele Bündchen’s apparent retirement from the runway.

For 24 hours, what felt like half the Internet resounded with the question. Outlets including “Entertainment Tonight,” “Today,” CNN and The Washington Post had been announcing the runway retirement of the Brazilian supermodel whom Forbes has named the world’s highest-paid model many years running — except, say her representatives at IMG Models, it’s not so.

“We’ve had thousands of calls,” said Anne Nelson, Ms. Bündchen’s agent, who has represented her since 1998, first at Elite and then, from 1999 onward, at IMG. “There’s been a lot of things that were lost in translation throughout this whole process.” 

Ms. Nelson spoke on behalf of Ms. Bündchen, who was not available to comment. (IMG represents Ms. Bündchen in New York, London, Milan and Paris; her twin sister, Patricia, represents her in Brazil.)

She did admit that Ms. Bündchen doesn’t want to do runway shows in general, but said that she was only “clos[ing] the chapter on the Brazilian runway” and that she would consider every opportunity in the future; the runway would not be ruled out.

“It is important that we continue to work on all kinds of capacities within the fashion industry,” she said. “It’s also important that as her representative we bring every interesting opportunity her way. We’ll continue to do exactly that going forward.”

Star models tapering off their runway appearances is standard practice. Runway appearances tend to be poorly paid, if paid at all.

But the runway circuit ideally leads to recognition and ultimately the business’ most lucrative prize: ad campaigns. Ms. Bündchen, who appears in ads for Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, Pantene, Under Armour and Colcci, among others, has logged many.

In recent years, she has cut a relatively rare figure on fashion week runways, though she has made buzzy appearances at several, often those for which she also booked ads.

She is the face of Chanel No. 5, and appeared in its ready-to-wear show for spring 2015. She had the coveted closing position at the Balenciaga show for fall 2014 (designed by its current steward, Alexander Wang) and for spring 2011 (under its former head, Nicolas Ghesquière); those same seasons, she appeared in Balenciaga’s ad campaign. She closed the Givenchy show for spring 2012, and appeared in its ads that season, too.

“I think a lot of people will still want her on the runway,” Ms. Nelson said. “Will she want to do it? That’s a whole other story. It would have to come within an interesting angle, a unique opportunity. Will she do it? I can’t guarantee that. But that people will call for her, yes.”

The future holds no shortage of opportunities for Ms. Bündchen, and it’s unlikely her fans will see much less of her than before. She is booked to shoot a variety of projects, both editorial and commercial, Ms. Nelson said. A book chronicling her 20 years (to date) in modeling will be out this fall.

“She constantly reinvents herself and makes herself desirable,” said Ms. Bitton, the casting director, who has worked with Ms. Bündchen on shows for Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.

Besides, she added, “Who really wants to do runway?”


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She never said she was retiring. Just stopping shows for now to focus on other things in the original Portuguese interview. The media is the one who used the retirement word and made it bigger than it is. as usual. 



I think the confusion is from being lost in translation. All the original articles are from Brazilian news sites and English media sites keep translating them and using their own inference.

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