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Miami Swim Week 2018- Aqua Blu and TJ

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Recently I discovered the wondelful fashion show of Aqua Blu. It remembered me instanly to another one that I downloaded a year ago, the one of TJ.

Not strange, because both were held on the same place and with 9 of the models igual. Everything was the same, also the excellent way of recording the models, only different brands


In the final walk of Aqua Blu you will see the names of the models that I recognize (I hope without mistakes).


Two models (present in both) that I don´t recognize

1. H14-AqBlu2018-7.thumb.JPG.0a6c4a4b6ee9ab1683e3803bff132b32.JPG and H14-TJ2018-3.thumb.JPG.d6f1087efcadd2c4128bd2e29cc6ca22.JPG


2.N13-AqBlu2018-6.thumb.JPG.5e26afb5cf9ab8b560042344d930410b.JPG and N13-TJ2018-2.thumb.JPG.1503181d72ac5a5fa5e2dc8163988dcc.JPG


and 3. only in TJ (instead of Julia Pereira)




Please help with ID.



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In your vid, 9 is Julia Pereira, not Julia Peres.

1. Nathaniele Ribeiro

2. Alexandra Morris

3. ?

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Thanks chapichapo. Not new, I should have found them by my self, but I didn't. And often if I combine different photos it´s wrong, I experience later on.

There are 3-4 people that help regularly with ID-ing the models of MSW.  Many thanks !! The last months I spent a lot of time searching in Google and Instagram.It was worthwhile: the results were that I could ID 270 models on my own while 110 models were ID-ed by 4 users of Bellazon (before mostly by KimFlorida). Now 80-85 % of all models that I have from around 75 shows are identified. I will go on (at a calmer pace) making topics hoping that they are appreciated. 

I should like it if the small group of people able to ID will go on helping. For me it should be helpfull too if you have an idea about a name without being sure. I can search the Internet and try to confirm it.  

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