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Guest quasicartes

My 3 fav dogs.I had to leave them,when I moved to the UK :(

They are rare and lethal.Obviously..The middle is fave.(kinda weird to say but they look like brave warriors :laugh: )


What breed?

These dogs, aren't they illegal to own?

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La la la, finally have pictures of all the animals except the fish.

The cats live in this big huge....jungle gym thing and that's where I took pictures of them.



Lucy (Dalmation/Whippet) otherwise known as Destruct-o Dog


Charlie (Shepard/Retriever)

post-326-1123894455_thumb.jpg post-326-1123894460_thumb.jpg



Jeremy (white), Buttons (Orange&White), Peanut (Calico), Teppo (Orange&White)

Jeremy & Buttons are boys, Peanut & Teppo are girls.

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I have 2 adorable cats... love them! :wub: The first cat I've bought is an holy birman and is called Pichi which means cat in persian language. The second one I've bought is a mix of persian cat and is called Sonny. (I gave him the name Tosse first which means grey in persian language, but my best friend thought that he should be called Sonny... and we started to call him like that). Anyway here are some pics of my cuties.

post-2908-1140953188_thumb.jpg post-2908-1140953241_thumb.jpg

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Taht'S sad :( I love kittys

I had three cats... two died after we moved into town, the last one ran away as we moved to another city...

Then we had a dog, but at the divorce of my parents we gave her - katy - away...

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my old kitty :cry: I had asthma so my mommy gave it to her friend

so now, more than 8 years late, I might get another one but I want to keep it forever!!

I wub:wub: felines!!

so cute alexapaola :p

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so cute alexapaola :p

thank you *teary* I had a rabbit too, his name was Coco. Very smelly, should have called him "You Stink!"

Madeleine - how are chinchillas for pets, I've only seen them in pet stores. I always wondered what they were when I'd hear stupid people rap about making coats out of them.

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