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Miami Swim week 2019- Abruzzo & Vanity


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After searching a lot, especially in Instagram I found most models of the fashion shows that I liked. For sure not all of them.

Still to ID these two of Abruzzo. By the way if you like to know about the other models in these shows, ask me.

From the 12 models in Abruzzo 2019 I miss




this was even the model that accompanied the designer !


From Vanity 2019 I miss a lot (5 from the 10)









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thanks for your contribution. but I don´t agree with your ID.  This video I made  3-4 months ago. This morning I revised it and I discovered different mistakes I made. 

In my video of the endwalk you will see that no. 4 is Shelby but also that this model is accompaning the designer and not part of the row. For all of you that like to ID the models of the Miami Swim weeks now you will find all the names of the models except the two that I am searching. 

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Destiny is correct, of course because Monique is blond. There is a group of models that I don´t like for their face and I don´t give them the attention they deserve.

Indeed 6 is not Taylor Morland. What happens? A big part of the ID's is based on photos (Google,Instagram) where is mentioned a name or with help from Bellazon people.

A part of the photos I put in my system without having confirmed the name, only because I think that the model looks alike. So very good to correct these mistakes. Thank you very much.

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