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Asia Argento, Isabelle Huppert, Robin Wright Penn, Shu Qi @ opening ceremony of the 62nd Cannes Festival, May 13

Jury members from left, Italian actress Asia Argento, British Screenwriter Hanif Kureishi, South Korean director Lee Chang-Dong, French actress and President of the Jury Isabelle Huppert, Indian actress Sharmila Tagore III, American actress Robin Wright Penn, American director James Gray, Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi.


t28811_cannesfescelebutopia10.jpg t28810_cannesfescelebutopia9.jpg t28809_cannesfescelebutopia8.jpg t28808_cannesfescelebutopia7.jpg t28807_cannesfescelebutopia6.jpg t28806_cannesfescelebutopia5.jpg

t28805_cannesfescelebutopia4.jpg t28804_cannesfescelebutopia3.jpg t28803_cannesfescelebutopia2.jpg t28802_cannesfescelebutopia1.jpg t28821_cannesfescelebutopia20.jpg t28820_cannesfescelebutopia19.jpg t28819_cannesfescelebutopia18.jpg t28818_cannesfescelebutopia17.jpg t28817_cannesfescelebutopia16.jpg t28816_cannesfescelebutopia15.jpg t28815_cannesfescelebutopia14.jpg t28814_cannesfescelebutopia13.jpg t28813_cannesfescelebutopia12.jpg t28812_cannesfescelebutopia11.jpg t28823_cannesfescelebutopia22.jpg t28822_cannesfescelebutopia21.jpg t28830_cannesfestcelebutopia7.jpg t28829_cannesfestcelebutopia6.jpg t28828_cannesfestcelebutopia5.jpg t28827_cannesfestcelebutopia4.jpg t28826_cannesfestcelebutopia3.jpg t28825_cannesfestcelebutopia2.jpg

t28824_cannesfestcelebutopia1.jpg t28838_cannesfesticelebutopia8.jpg t28837_cannesfesticelebutopia7.jpg t28836_cannesfesticelebutopia6.jpg

t28835_cannesfesticelebutopia5.jpg t28834_cannesfesticelebutopia4.jpg t28833_cannesfesticelebutopia3.jpg t28832_cannesfesticelebutopia2.jpg t28831_cannesfesticelebutopia1.jpg t28843_cannesfestivcelebutopia5.jpg t28842_cannesfestivcelebutopia4.jpg t28841_cannesfestivcelebutopia3.jpg t28840_cannesfestivcelebutopia2.jpg t28839_cannesfestivcelebutopia1.jpg

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Robin Wright Penn Relishes Her New Independence


Robin Wright Penn, whose relationship with Sean Penn has been on-again, off-again for the several years, says she has no plans to reconcile with the actor.

"I'd been stagnant," the actress, best known for roles in The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump, tells More magazine for its September issue, on sale Aug. 25. "I think I've always been waiting for things to happen. Now I'm like, 'I'm okay – I know the direction, whoever's on board can go with me."

One person who won't likely be onboard is Penn. Together since 1989 and married in 1996, the couple endured a roller-coaster relationship only to file papers of legal separation not once, but twice – only to patch things up again as recently as May.

But that was then, not now. "I hit that crossroad a while ago," Wright Penn says. "I know what I don't want."
 What she does want is to re-activate her career. "There's no limbo anymore," she says. "There's no time. I'm too old for this s---."

Regarding her much-discussed marriage, friends tell More that what the couple had was a "peculiar chemistry. For her part, Wright Penn tenders no regrets.

"I, we, have two amazing children we raised together," she says. Daughter Dylan Frances, 18, is headed off to college, with son Hopper Jack, 16, preparing to follow suit – which will leave mom with an empty nest.

"At least twice a week, I pull over and sob," she says. "My baby is leaving. It's an emotionally full time, but it's not sad. I can't wait for Dylan to go [out and] live. That's what makes me cry."


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