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Aubade swimwear: mysterious black women with Monic Perez

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When I was talking about the two models, I was talking about both the white woman and the black woman.

It shouldn't be too complicated to know the identity of the white model, especially since she also participates in Aubade's lingerie campaigns.

The problem is that the eyes of the black model are almost always hidden, with the exception of these few photos, but she is still in profile, or else her eyes are always closed.

3083430_8t3psjaunedore2pcss4806o10o082012061_126.jpg 1561050097.jpg 6267801aee9874cad2801a9e14db1c802717715.jpg

1561049894.jpg 88108727_1224471047758384_3499582471811530196_n (1)_2771.jpg



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I think she is Monic Perez. Hopefully, someone can confirm.


As far as model #2... possibly Nya Gatbel?? Both ladies have the same small gap in their front teeth. I'll do a bit more research.

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We still don't know who this beautiful black model without face is. Nya Gatbel's name has been suggested, but I'm not convinced.

Please, help me!


Who's the girl?






@ameliesfollies see what I mean with the not seeing both faces! 😢

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@kimfloridakimflorida my apologies: it seems that she is well Nya Gatbel. (but she is only credited by her first name)

Directrice Générale Adjointe Martina Brown
Direction Artistique Petra Langhammer
Concepteur Artistique Guillaume Bertrand
Directrice marque Claire Masson
Modèles : Monic Perez Diaz / Nya
Réalisé par les Frères Forsans
Production @The Art Board
Production Coordinator Emilie Couput
Producer Mia Meliava
Photographe Markus Jans
Assistant Mikael Fakhri
Digital assistant Golda Fruhmann
Hair stylist / Make up Sacha Giraudeau
Stylist Coline Peyrot

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