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Model of the Month


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Kate Li 8
Christen Harper  8
Stephanie Rayner 7
Chloe Avenaim 7
Lana Zakocela 7
Grace Elizabeth 7
Riley Rasmussen 7
Jessica Nazarenus 6
Blanca Padilla 6
Alina Kirchiu 5
Solveig Mork Hansen 5
Miki Hamano 5
Valeria Lakhina 5
Cindy Kimberly 5
Leonila Guz 4
Eden Fines 4
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Tiers 16, 17, 18 & 19

Vote for your eight favourite models. The order is not important.


Robin Holzken
Doutzen Kroes
Rafaella Consentino
Georgia Fowler
Marina Laswick
Darya Yanchik
Caroline Lowe
Nina Agdal
Erin Cummins
Cindy Mello
Sofia Resing
Mckenna Berkley
Kate Li
Christen Harper 
Stephanie Rayner
Chloe Avenaim


Robin Holzken 1.png Doutzen Kroes 2.jpg Rafaella Consentino 2.jpg Georgia Fowler 1.jpg Marina Laswick 2.jpg Darya Yanchik 2.jpg Caroline Lowe 2.jpg Nina Agdal 2.jpg Erin Cummins 1.jpg Cindy Mello 2.jpg Sofia Resing 2.jpg Mckenna Berkley 2.jpg Kate Li 1.jpg Christen Harper 2.jpg Stephanie Rayner 1.jpg Chloe Avenaim 2.jpg
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