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Nataniele Ribiero


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I don't get the relationship with the bf, she is a model not a barmaid.and I understand even less why that's the photographer's problem.

but oviously that is not ny business.my question was more, how do you know the pics and it seems you saw them

these pictures are incredibly beautiful
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Santa Victoria Fashion Show 2012

many details are visible so please do not reply talking about body hair, side burns, scratches and hairy arms and simply try to deal with some typical features of her ethnicity

1/why you put it if you think she is not in her advantage on it?

2/ I see a lack of MUA more than anything bad with her

It you notice, there are not many photos of her around in this time because her career obviously goes down and down and nowadays she mostly does just small things for local brands in Sao Paulo which means that there is really small number of pictures in better quality, so it is generally good to share anything with honest people who are still interested in her career, but if you read the entire forum you know that some guys already complained about her side burns etc. and saw that as unusual, which does not make sense.

I thing it is in her advantage, because compare last two years of her career and activity on this forum. She does less and less projects that are not so visible and popular and it is generally hard to find bigger number of pictures and therefore people steadily loses interests in her and this forum becomes "dead"

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I mean she is not focusing on doing big jobs now because she has other projects in her (work and student) life who are walking along with her ​​career. I never said it was about her boyfriend or her personal life.

And I don't believe that models boyfriends must be beautiful or successful. If they are nice to them and have good personality, I'm happy for them. And I know it's not the case with her, because I also researched. I was just responding to a question in another comment. I agree with you about managing career and personal life, but I repeat, I didn't say and I don't think the current problem is that sort of thing. Sure he's harmimg her, but it's still focused on the type of work she has tried to do at the moment. So...Many models stop working for thousands of reasons, or choose specific jobs for several other reasons. We can just expected that she change the focus that she is giving to her career. She is beautiful and talented so... we can hope the best ;)

And I also speak portuguese too!

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hahahha it's fine Fla, I just misunderstand you, but I agree with you in many things, I just wanna add that for me, other fans and I think also for her it would be very very sad if she stopped her career now. Despite everything she still has big potential. Regarding her personal life, I am also happy when she is happy, but I'm not sure how long this can last... I would like to be wrong, but I am worried that this Rafael Gois is gonna harm her one day. I mean I met guys like him and according to my experiences I just cannot imagine him waiting somewhere in São Paulo for months and weeks alone without "female company" while she will work outside Brazil. I trust Nataniele she is able to be faithful, but in my opinion he cannot be. I know prettier, nice guys with far better well-build body than him, but they are not milking it everywhere and every time. I think he is not very trustworthy - according to his answers on Ask and other issues "first goal in coming years is serving God", "I have 1000s friends on face because I travel".... I wonder how many of them are "real" and how many of them are subscribed for money hahahahahaha

The worst is agree he is harming her publicly with these infantile stupidity like that picture he posted with condom on his head... For me it is disgusting, not funny, because he is man and not teenager... And such actions harms Nataniele no matter if she is model or ordinary girl. Second thing is I heard how they got together and well that's not very close what she always described how she would like it - how being gentleman and getting drunked from tequila is related?! I think she is young and she needs to "try" because I think she doesn't really know what she wants (for example - She wants to go to New York and work there, she doesn't want to leave Brasil because of her personal life issues now and at the same time she would like to live in London)

But every life experience is worth of something, so even this relationship I believe can be beneficial for Nataniele in some way... but I think she is very sweet and nice girl and I don't want see her broken because he will harm her :(

But thanks for comment Fla, I really appreciate your post and a different view :) It was nice to read it and let's hope Nataniele will choose the path which is best for her life in all ways ;)

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