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Nataniele Ribiero


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I'm kind of sick of seeing her candids, it's like she only has 3 expressions :dontgetit: she is very pretty though, don't get me wrong, I just think I would like her more if there was actually new stuff happening in her career. Hopefully we start seeing more work from her! :D

I totally agree. Gorgeous girl but is she a model or a contender for cutest chick on Orkut? candids are great but should they dominate a thread that's supposed to be dedicated to her "professional" modeling career? There are lots of beautiful girls in the world and many gorgeous models, but not all are successful. I just don't wanna see her disappear.

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I guess they'd be more pro pix if she had more work... candids are kinda here to make us wait ! it's nice from the posters to let us see them, Nataniele doesn't post them here but on her personnal sites/blogs so it's nothing to do with her. if u see what I mean.

no need to argue about that

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