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Song you hate most


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the "you're beautiful" song

Great minds think alike. It was bearable for one time, but I'm havily overdosed on James Blunt (all my friends like him :blink: ) Just imagine what it was lik for me to sit in a car for hours while his cd was on repeat the entire drive....the only time I actually dreaded going shopping. :cry:

Pretty much everything Rihanna is on my delete list now (cept S.O.S. I can still watch that videoclip without cringing. But that's only because Sofia Boutella dances in it ;) ) And all the other fake singers (Cassie, Ciara, Jojo...etc)

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Bubble gum pop crap. I.E.

- Justin Timberlake

- X-Tina

- Britney Spears

- Beyonce

- Jessica Simpson


- Gwen Stefani (Sell out!)

- Shakira (Yodeling latino, who would of thunk it?!)

Sappy Mood Music. I.E.

- James Blunt

- Nickleback

The "new" Alternative, or anything they deem "pop punk". I.E.


- My Chemical Romance

- Fall Out Boy

- All-American Rejects


Aw fuck it, going to go out on a limb and say, if they play the shit on MTV/Vh1, and 15 year old emo kids listen to.. Meh, not interested.

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all things EMO :yuckky:

anything by akon and fergie/black eyed peas

most rap (how many songs can you possibly make that reference/talk about a DANCE?!?! :( every other rap song is about a dance. please end it already!)

gwen stefani

omarion and "icebox"

in other words, everything on the radio.

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