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Worst ways to die


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Hmm... I've seen a lot of horror movies.. :blink: :whistle:

Being dragged for miles tied to the back af a car, having ur eyes gouged out, then having your bottom half of your body eaten by cannibals while it is still attached to you.

Being stabbed by a blunt object (Like a baseball bat) :blink:

What about parachuting and you come undone when your close to the ground, your legs break, you land on a fire ant hill, sit there for days, then before you die, cannibals find you and eat you alive, while others bash your head with a coconut?

The Hitcher style: Tied between two cars and pulled in half? :cry:

Being skinned alive and then covered with salt, then being placed in a freezer?

Oh crushing.. thats another story. Hearing your bones crack while you try to scream is just frightening.

or being tortured like the tv producer was in the last half hour of the movie Audition! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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being skinned alive, being stabbed by something now very sharp, like a bat or gold club...haha, and i remember in that movie the punisher, the guy killed another guy by taking the blade out of a paper cutter, a HUGe one, and slamming it down on the guys head..

also having your body parts cut off while you're still alive . yuck. i keep thinking of SAW I,II, & III, and texas chainsaw massacre!

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Worst way to die must be when you're still conscious while terrible things are done to you. Like you suffer extreme pain before dying - and then it doesn't matter if you're raped, tortured, torn into pieces or "just" have an accident with your car ...

And when I think of "normal" ways to die, I guess the worst for me would be to die alone, no one to care, no one to say "the famous last words" to ... I don't want to die alone.

When my father died, he had a heart attack after spending a marvelous evening with a friend of his, they walked home together and then it happened. Of course it was terrible, but his friend could call the doctor and try to calm him. It's okay to die then I guess.

And my grandmother had spent the evening at her best friend's, they packed up christmas presents, had a nice dinner and then she just slept away while watching television. Her friend didn't even recognize she was dead before trying to wake her.

Of course it must be horrible to be in the shoes of the friend's then, but for my grandma it must have been a very peaceful way to die - I would like to die like that.

And my grandfather just fell into coma and didn't woke up again. He need not endure the therapy for his cancer and hadn't even felt pain of the cancer. He seemed to be like sleeping very deep. He even made sounds like coughing and moved his limbs - like in sleep. But he didn't wake up anymore. Not too bad either.

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If you were going to die tomorrow, what would be the 3 worst/most painful ways to go? (Warning, may be disturbing for some readers).

:rofl: the creative mind of the human being always manages to surprise me: how did you come up with this? :laugh: You must be a blast to hang out with :fun: ;)

The worst way to die...well: it has to be slow ofcourse. Maybe putting a bullet in every bodypart (except the vital ones) but givng the person a transfusion so he/she doesn't bleed to death :laugh: yeah, cruel huh?

Umm, next on the list......y'know what, after reading what you guys posted above ^ especially what Ale_fan has come up with is pretty creative as it is. (that cannabalism thing is really bothering you, huh? ;) ) I don't think I can come up with anything more interesting than that.

As for drowning..it actually doesn't seem to be such a bad way to go. Your air gets cut off, your brain doesn't get any oxygen anymore, you black out, end of story. Haven't tried it though, so you never know ;)

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1. maybe of a cancer, AIDS or something like this.

when you know when you will die.

2.in front of a tv or computer. realized i never made something interesting of my life... as i wasn't able to be somebody. i think that's the worst and you understand money, beauty, fashion aren't the most important because without ambition and motivation you can have all these things and in the end of your life be as important as a dog's pee.

3. burn alive as human torches in Nero's garden. :ninja: i don't think it was really nice...

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