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Blonde from pinterest

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^ I found that photo on Bing Reverse Image Search.


After a little more investigating, I was totally unsuccessful at trying to find Icelandic modeling agencies...I think I found two reputable ones and neither had a 'Sara'. I'm not a Facebook user, but maybe this photographer (Peter Collins) mentions her whole name on his page? 


Hopefully, someone can continue on from here :flower:

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10 hours ago, stingray said:



Sara Snædís (Sara Snaedis)

Took a while, but 99.99% sure this is her. That must be a fairly old photo, looks like about 2014... She is/was an Icelandic model (Not sure how active anymore)


If you scroll towards the bottom of her instagram and do a side by side with your original pic... There are features like her mouth/smile and eyes that are pretty much identical.


Also The pic from the agency page (attached) in the hot tub.


If you look at all the pics close enough - Including @kimflorida photo that was added... You can see that little scar above her eye in all of these


Sara Snædís (Sara Snaedis)


Eskimo Talent Agency - Based out of Reykjavik, Iceland








BZ pic.jpg Sara in the wind.jpg Subj9688-186783.jpg Compare.jpg


Great job!

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