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Barbie, A Bad Role Model For Children?


Barbie, A Bad Role Model For Children?  

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  1. 1. Should an overweight Barbie be produced by Mattel?

    • Yes
    • No

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wahhh,I love Barbie bcoz of her a have such a amazing voice now ...i was screaming every day when I was going w/ my mom out & I was seeing a barbie in a store : "Weeeee,I wantttttttt a barbieeeee,whyyyy can't I have a barbie :cry: ?????" ...Bcoz they are very dangerous,they get up when you sleep & they are trying to choke you with a barbie pellow :| .... :laugh:

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Oh god, this is priceless :laugh: they're considering an overweight barbie now? That's pretty retarded. Kids who are overweight need to lose weight. End of story. They need to eat healthier and exersise more and their parents should make sure it happens.

When you really think about it, the entire idea is pretty stupid: If all of us would give the food we eat too much away we can pretty much feed the entire third world. And that's the truth (except for those who have an illness that causes them to gain weight.)

I'll be honest: I overeat sometimes too. Especially during the holidays. But now in Holland there are a couple of DJ's who are fasting for 6 days, trying to collect money for mine-victims. I thought that was such a great idea, so I'm doing it too (but I started a day earlier) I'm at the 5th day of my fast now and it gives you a little glimpse of what those starving ppl are going through every day, with the difference that I can start eating again sunday and they can only hope that'll ever happen.

Anyway: my point was: the industry shouldn't adapt to increasing amount of obesity. They should do something about it. overeating is an eatingdisorder too.

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I think not

Barbie is already a bit more ''normal'' than she was back in the days

now she has bigger breasts and wider hips

but an overweight barbie..

im not sure

a little bit wider on the hips, would do..

because there are people who are just a bit wider

for example;shakira'' but that's far from overweight..

a ''fat'' barbie would be a bad thing

because what expresso already said; overeating is an eatingdisorder too..and kids shouldn't go thinking it's normal to be overweight

that wouldn't be healthy

I go with NO

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No , that would be WRONG in so many ways. Barbie is a doll , just a doll made to dress up and play with . Not to get all worked up over some b/s that the media started. I think we should give the kids more credit, I'm sure they know that Barbie is all plastic and not human. I think the adults have the problem with Barbie . The kids are fine with Barbie as she is , a plastic fashion doll, nothing more.

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I don't really care if Barbie is a bad role model. It was the best toy I could have ever asked for when I was little and I think it's the same for every child out there. Who complaints about it being a bad role models are adults as always, children don't even know what a role model still is, they only get it later.

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I think adults overestimate the child's opinion of Barbie. They know Barbie isn't real and that she's only a toy to play with. Nothing more nothing less. It's the adults who mess it all up for them just like they're trying to do with Disney Princesses. 

When it comes to role models (I agree with lostdiadem, kids have absolutely no clue what that means), kids look at family members, athletes, singers or movie characters as someone to admire, not toys. 

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