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Iker Casillas


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Iker Casillas + Sara Carbonero = Love ... or good PR?

Couple Casillas and reporter Sarah is undoubtedly one of the brightest in the world of football. She - sports journalist, he - the goalkeeper and captain of Real Madrid and Spain. Their kiss after the final 2010 World Cup was memorable not only for our heroes, but for a good half of the female audience match. But now, less talk about their lofty feelings and more about the impure thoughts of Sarah. I believe, to sort out this Santa Barbara must start from the beginning of their relationship.

Before meeting with Iker Sarah met with David Sanchez. David worked on the radio, "Mark" and even then there were rumors that Sarah met him just for the sake of work on the radio. At that time, until Sarah turned the affair with a journalist, Casillas met with Miss Spain 2003 - Eva González. However, this novel though, and lasted 4 years and eventually ended tragically. One reason is rumored to become its advertising contract for feminine hygiene tampons. This video is not just a cause unambiguous jokes about the "critical days Casillas. Also from the stands at the goalkeeper at football matches regularly flew means feminine hygiene products. Throw in offensive chants and can understand his disappointment in these relationships.

After a breakup with journalist Sanchez, Sarah began to meet with some Jorge. And again, the press started writing about the novel for his career. The fact that Jorge has worked in television channel La Sexta and that he helped find a job Sarah. At this time Casillas began dating model Adriana Artines, but this relationship ended, in fact, it began.

Sarah and Casillas first met at the Confederations Cup in South Africa. Then lost to Spain and Sarah, when interviewed Iker, began to accuse him and the entire team in a bad game. In response, Casillas just left without giving interviews. However, it soon ceased to be offended, and Casillas, even a bouquet of roses as a sign of reconciliation, but Sara was unable to forgive him and do not accept the flowers. Apparently it is the inaccessibility of Sarah caught handsome football player. Casillas sought the location of the girls are very active: the huge bouquets of roses delivered to her every day, but it did not melt the heart of the journalist. It is only in December 2009, Sarah was able to forgive Casillas. Since then, and began their whirlwind romance. Couple made no secret of their relationship and the paparazzi are not just caught a couple passionately kissing. Naturally, when it came to the World Cup, the candidacy of Sarah for doing post-match interview from the Spanish sports channel was the best. However, the channel management has had time to regret that decision after the first match: lost to Spain and the bad game showed the captain. Frustrated fans are starting to say, Casillas made a mistake, because staring at his beloved. However, the goalkeeper refused to this theory. And not in vain. After that everything went well: Spain wins, and Sarah got a sensational interview like hot cakes from the oven. But the main sensation of the kiss became Casillas and Sarah in front of millions of viewers around the world. Immediately after this event, everyone started talking about marriage. But they kept mum Sarah and Eaker, drawing, thereby to afford more attention.

After the World Cup we had a couple of vacations in Los Angeles, where they looked very in love. Iker introduced darling with her parents and brother, but they did not like Sarah, but Iker in an interview said that "does not listen to anyone or anything except his heart." He continues to meet with Sarah, and recently even gave a ring of gold, bronze and silver, and Sarah had baked him a cake with the words "my beloved man."

And after these romantic events started a strange behavior of Sarah. Let's start with what Sarah said that the best goalkeeper of the world is - David De Gea, and the most beautiful football - Gerard Pique. Next worse. In a recent interview Sarah Peake and journalist openly flirted and flirted with a footballer and then said that her ex-boyfriend beautiful Casillas. Iker himself all this does not comment, but we hope that all this was not invented for the sake of PR, but love is still driven by the planet.


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Here is the rest of the images that Stella did not upload from the 22/3 2011


This is after the game in Kaukas, they were both there and just returned home. SHe is carrying his bag. I know that sins i saw him with the same bag when he joined the spanish national team a week earlier. So they flew home togheter.. :) He is such a gentelman helping her carry in her stuff. I had missed them, it is good to finaly see a photo of them togehter...but it seems i am the only one that acctually like them...

They are in a subject of Sara

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