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Best Sports Illustrated Photoshoot (so far);

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Best Sports Illustrated Photoshoot (so far);

Risultati immagini per kate upton sports illustrated gifs


Hi everyone!

I had to take a little break from competitions because life has got in the way and I couldn't be that much online. Now, I'm back with still zero new ideas, so in the meantime, I have decided to open a new competition about that mess that is Sports Illustrated. I know it's total bullshit now, but let's try to find something positive and let's declare who got the best photoshoot ever.


How it works;

Simple matches where who loses is out of the comp and who wins goes on.



I'm gonna accept up to 64 nominations.

Each one of you can nominate up to 5 photoshoots from any year, of any model (both rookie, legend and model). Please , when you nominate, specify at least the model and the year (in case a model did more than one photoshoot in an issue, please specify which photoshoot you're talking about).

Since there are models who were in more than one issue, I'm gonna accept only up to 3 issues per model.


No worries about the templates or the pictures because I'm gonna take care of it.



1. Kate Upton; SI 2013 issue.

2. Kate Upton; SI 2014 issue.

3. Kate Upton; SI 2017 issue.

4. Anne Vyalitsyna; SI 2013 issue.

5. Brooklyn Decker; SI 2011 issue.

6. Emily Didonato; SI 2014 issue.

7. Anne De Paula; SI 2017 issue.

8. Sara Sampaio; SI 2015 issue.

9. Barbara Palvin; SI 2017 issue.

10. Barbara Palvin; SI 2019 issue.

11. Genevieve Morton; SI 2014 issue.

12. Cintia Dicker; SI 2013 issue.

13. Laetitia Casta; SI 1998 issue.

14. Josie Maran; SI 2002 issue.

15. Bar Refaeli; SI 2009 issue.

16. Esti Ginzburg; SI 2011 issue.

17. Nina Agdal; SI 2014 issue.

18. Heidi Klum; SI 1998 issue.

19. Heidi Klum; SI 2002 issue.

20. Vita Sidorkina; SI 2018 issue.

21. Marisa Miller; SI 2007 issue.

22. Marisa Miller; SI 2008 issue.

23. Cintia Dicker; SI 2010 issue.

24. Lauren Mellor; SI 2014 issue.

25. Hannah Ferguson; SI 2014 issue.

26. Hannah Ferguson; SI 2015 issue.

27. Hannah Ferguson; SI 2016 issue.

28. Brooklyn Decker; SI 2010 issue.

29. Tyra Banks; SI 1997 issue.

30. Heidi Klum; SI 1999 issue.

31. Hilary Rhoda; SI 2010 issue.

32. Nina Agdal; SI 2016 issue.

33. Alyssa Miller; SI 2012 issue.

34. Anne Vyalitsyna; SI 2011 issue.

35. Anne Vyalitsyna; SI 2012 issue.

36. Lais Ribeiro; SI 2017 issue.

37. Danielle Herrington; SI 2018 issue.

38. Alexis Ren; SI 2018 issue.

39. Bar Refaeli; SI 2008 issue.

40. Hailey Clauson; SI 2016 issue.

41. Brooklyn Decker; SI 2009 issue.

42. Bianca Balti; SI 2017 issue.

43. Anne De Paula; SI 2018 issue.

44. Genevieve Morton; SI 2012 issue.

45. Hannah Jeter; SI 2015 issue.

46. Nina Agdal; SI 2015 issue.

47. Robin Holzken; SI 2018 issue.

48. Hilary Rhoda; SI 2011 issue.

49. Kate Bock; SI 2017 issue.

50. Kate Bock; SI 2015 issue.

51. Kate Bock; SI 2014 issue.

52. Bo Krsmanovic; SI 2017 issue.

53. Ashley Smith; SI 2015 issue.

54. Niki Taylor; SI 1997 issue.

55. Niki Taylor; SI 1998 issue.

56. Molly Sims; SI 2003 issue.

57. Molly Sims; SI 2006 issue.

58. Daniella Sarahyba; SI 2007 issue.

59. Rebecca Romijn; SI 1999 issue.

60. Irina Shayk; SI 2011 issue.

61. McKenna Beekley; SI 2017 issue.

62. Rose Bertram; SI 2017 issue.

63. Jessica Gomes; SI 2015 issue.

64. Petra Nemcova; SI 2003 issue.

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16 minutes ago, fromitalywithlove said:

Lais Ribeiro 2017

Danielle Herrington 2018

Sara Sampaio 2015

Barbara Palvin 2017

Alexis Ren 2018

All are already nominated, try again :rofl: 



The 3 shoots per model rule is still applied.

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Hilary Rhoda; SI 2011 issue.

Kate Bock; SI 2017 issue.

Kate Bock; SI 2015 issue.

Kate Bock; SI 2014 issue.

Bo Krsmanovic; SI 2017 issue.

Ashley Smith; SI 2015 issue.



No more Kate Bock noms.

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