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Edita Vilkeviciute


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On 9/6/2021 at 4:32 PM, elef said:

Massimo Dutti


Photography: Henrik Purienne
Styling: Veronique Didry


I have noticed they made some minor layout corrections to the editorial in the meantime. Here are the updated versions, for what it's worth.


w-Editorial-Lingerie11-4 w-Editorial-Lingerie14-6 w-Editorial-Lingerie16-6

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On 9/6/2021 at 4:32 PM, elef said:

Massimo Dutti


additional shot








without overlapping text




higher res (some are more cropped though)


0000111250-1-1-16-1630679117396 0000111250-2-1-16-1630679117396 0000111251-1-1-16-1630677908122 0000111407-1-1-16-1630677918450 0000111712-1-1-16-1630679112705 0000111712-1-1-16-1630679121890 0000111712-2-1-16-1630679108415 0000111712-2-1-16-1630679112705 0000111712-2-1-16-1630679121890 4904780800-2-8-16-1630677124403 4908783800-2-8-16-1630679126003 5085999251-2-8-16-1630679129345 6607999250-6-1-16-1630596384410


Anybody interested in the catalogue pictures and videos? I've no idea who shot them.

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On 8/31/2021 at 12:31 PM, elef said:



Photography: Marie Schmidt
Styling: Mascha Möller
Hair & Make-up: Jane Jakobi


a few additional/bigger/uncropped pics


imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox


(IG @ninakleinagency, ninaklein.com)

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