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Name the model please ?

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But I have not found the same picture in google or anywhere with the name Cristina Gilabert.


I have doubt that she is Cristina Gilabert.


Please confirm. 

I am not finding the same picture with name Cristina Gilabert in google.


Where you found this picture with name Cristina Gilabert.


Waiting for reply. 


Thanks in advance. 


Harish Pathak. 

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Take my word for it, she was ID'd personally by the photographer on HIS IG feed... I'll have to go back and find it now :angry:


Not all answers are on Google. Sometimes, you have to do a little bit more research on your own using other methods. And Google has one of the worst image search engines. :ermm:


I would not have made a positive ID if I wasn't 100% positive it was her.

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2 hours ago, mrharishpathak said:

Thanks for your prompt reply. 


Thanks for solving my problem. 

I have some query. Could you please tell me one thing ?

1) which search engine you used for search this model ? 

2) From where (I mean the website URL) you search the following picture.



I didn't use a search engine originally, I searched Instagram. Once I found the photographer's IG account, it was really simple as he tagged her and her account.


Today, when I found he made his IG account private, I went back to picgra.com and looked for the photo. They found it for me, so I posted the screen cap, via Google. Once the photographer accepted my request on IG, I was able to go back and find the original post, which I just now posted a screen cap of.


Don't always go just be search engines when looking for models. There are all sorts of other methods. Sometimes, search engines (especially Google) are clueless. Just be careful, as photo search sites often have viruses/malware that they try to install on your computer.

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