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Suggestion about Female Model ID board

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I'd like to make a suggestion for the moderators regarding the Female Model ID board. Sometimes threads that have been positively IDed get moved to the "Previously ID'ed Models" subboard. When this happens, the moderators rename the thread with the name of the model. However, sometimes the only information about the original source of the image in the thread was contained in the title. So by renaming the title, this removes what the original question was, and it means that it cannot be found with the search engine.


I'll use a recent example in case this isn't clear. There is a thread near the top of the Previously IDed Models board called Olivia Vinten. The first post is an image, with no information about where the image is from. Thanks to the miracle of reverse image search, we can establish that the image is from Oysho, so the thread was probably originally titled "Oysho model" or something like that. If the thread had not been re-titled, then someone looking for this same model could use the site's search engine and look for "Oysho" and come across this thread. But by re-titling the thread, this is now not possible. (This isn't the very best example, because the image has been posted to Olivia's thread in Female Fashion Models, so someone would find it there)


So I would suggest two possibilities:

(1) Simply leave the IDed threads where they are, without making any changes.


(2) If you do want to move the threads to "Previously IDed models", then either don't change the title at all, or else add the model's name at the beginning without removing the original title.


The Model ID board contains so many IDs now that it is simply a fabulous resource. When I'm looking for a model, I always begin by searching Bellazon, and very often the answer is to be found in an old thread in Female Model IDs.




(and by the way, thanks mods for all the great work you do in keeping everything running for all the rest of us!)

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