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Hiya everyone! I'm new here, but I know a couple of people that are on here, so I decided to join. Mostly so I could help people out with cleaning up their pics. Unfortunatey, my current computer doesn't have enough power to run my media progs. So I'm just going to kinda float around until I do get the upgraded computer.

Hope to see some good pisc here :D


yeah good to see you here. its good to know neo doesnt it.

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Sorry for the off-topic but... why we don't make this a new chilax?

I know that Chilax *IS* the original but I will miss it (and people of Chilax) and all those old threads/pictures of models.

What I suggest is pretty easy to do: why we don't save all those old pictures of models and put them here? Not only of Adriana Lima, Ana Beatriz Barros, Alessandra Ambrosio, etc. but for all... 2 or 3 years of hard work searching images and we can't lost them too.

And what we have to do? Share the work! Example: member X saves all pictures of Adriana Lima, member Y saves the pictures of Marisa Miller, etc... Think about it! :)

I suggest a short domain for this forum too. Maybe www.limax.tk or whatever.


Sorry the off-topic and my poor english! :p

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pretty much it will take time to get all those pics and the chilax admin wont let us have all their stuff from the site. we cant make a short domain cuz that costs money. please just be happy with what we are providing another place for us to get together and talk about models, actress, actors, sports, cars....well everything.

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