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Candice Swanepoel


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VS All Access put some pictures up; they're the same ones as before, but have more in the picture/they're less cropped. They also smaller, unfortunately.


post-35596-0-45580200-1379444575_thumb.p post-35596-0-23495200-1379444576_thumb.p post-35596-0-12469900-1379444577_thumb.p post-35596-0-98788900-1379444577_thumb.p post-35596-0-82852300-1379444578_thumb.p post-35596-0-67485500-1379444579_thumb.p


Here's the link if anyone wants to try and get them in a bigger size:



I couldn't figure out how to pull them off, so I did some screenshots and then cropped them.

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I thought it was a very well known fact that Behati was getting the Fantasy Bra this year. It was already shot and Behati and Martha Hunt were the only ones in the studio when it was. Pretty sure she's getting it, although I believe Doutzen is very deserving. She's been with them for a really long time.


I also wonder about Candice and the holiday commercial. And also Erin not being in the lineup this year.

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