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Candice Swanepoel

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Does anyone know what this is from or if there are more pictures? Candice looks amazing with her Brown hair. :blush:

Oh, and please... If your posting gif after gif, make them attachments.. It would help, since it slows down my computer. <_<


post-47733-0-1446069999-06732_thumb.jpg post-47733-0-1446069999-0903_thumb.jpg


Brown hair does really suit her too i agree, i think she's naturally a brunette, never been able to confirm that though, she had blonde streaks when she was younger too , so very confusing, if anyone could confirm this that'd be awesome :)

And lord ! Love these two pics, such a beautiful body :drool:

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Blonde hair I think looks more natural on her than brown, even though I think she is naturally brunette, but she looks good either way :)

Thanks everyone for the vids, gifs, news, pics, and whatever else I'm missing! :grouphug:

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Watching Justin Bieber? What the hell, why is she watching that, she is no 12-15 year old any more. I would suggest a movie like My Sister's Keeper, Inglourious Basterds, Avatar, True Grit, Kick-Ass or Inception.

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Candice is in Brazil, she should watch something country-related. ;)

I would suggest "City of God", it's a brilliant movie about the favelas.

It's very authentic due to the fact that the movie was made by people who were born and raised there.

The movie also is based on a true story.

Sorry for Off Topic :whistle:

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