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Model ID Alternate Thread (Post Inquiries Here)

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Hello, does anybody know this model? 





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Does anyone know who this is? I am trying to help my friend (he also posted in the Triumph Model ID thread he made) about her, but I figured I would try and ask here as well. If anyone could help, we would appreciate it very much! I swear I've seen her before, but didn't pay attention to her name, and now for my friend's sake, I wish I had. IF anyone knows Triumph models, he made a thread just for them and he needs help finding a lot more. 



353_1000.jpg.6b34fac817d0dbcf4133cd7c549399a6.jpg 1309433611_triumph-fashion-show-2014_1400733998200(2).jpg.3e875a7117718ca2cd7f5a0ca119fd53.jpg
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My friend just sent me these pictures and is looking for her as well. Unlike the first girl, I have never seen this one. But I swear I know who the first model I posted about is and I can't remember her name and it's driving me insane!!!!  thank you so much in advance if anyone can help David and I figure this out. 



372_1000.jpg.2780f0db58e6138e60f7fdb001d344e5.jpg 378_1000.jpg.428fbbbc3b8d3b015ff3713d2eaac551.jpg
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