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Dallas Witcher (Eisen)

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I looked through the 2 main Venus threads and couldnt find her. Then a few hours on the rest of the interweb. But couldnt figure out who this is, so I guess im hoping someone knows who she is. Thanks.

BZU1.jpg BZU2.jpg

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I think it might be Dallas Witcher... I’m trying to confirm 🤔


Both ladies have the same distinctive teeth and bellybuttons. I can’t find Dallas’ current Instagram or agency. 

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Awesome. I think you might be right, these sure look like her. The eyes keep throwing me off though sometimes they are a dark brown others they're almost geen in color. And yeah, the teeth and bellybutton in both of the original pics I posted above made me believe it was the same woman. I found these using DuckDuckGo image search and they lead to old Next-Management Portfolio pics. But other than that no true confirmation I guess. 



Dallas Witcher duckduckgo search shows old NEXT .png 1 medium_portrait.jpeg 2 medium_portrait.jpg 3 medium_portrait.jpg 4 medium_portrait.jpg 5 medium_portrait.jpg 6 medium_portrait.jpg 7 medium_portrait.jpg 8 medium_portrait.jpg
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These are the two photos that look most alike to me...



I can’t seem to find any current information on her. Did she get married and change her name? Does she even model anymore? Hopefully, someone who is more familiar with her can give us additional information. At this point, I am 90% sure it is her. 

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