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Elsa was the Pink spokesmodel though, she was under contract for a certain number of years so you can't really compare her to Candice... maybe Behati? I can see how toodarnhot linked that picture to the fantasy bra, she doesn't post things like that so you would think something big would have to happen for her to post that. I agree with the Doutzen comparison that seems likely, but the whole "too young" thing... they market to teens basically, Taylor and Romee look so young, I don't see how Elsa could be a problem?

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2 hours ago, toodarnhot said:

I'm not sure what in particular that has Clauds thinking that Elsa has it, but there have been a couple little things that have me thinking she could have landed it. 


Suddenly participating in PFW and MFW after 5~ years of never doing it, and barely ever being involved in NYFW is a clue her agency is trying to boost her visibility. Ceceshores said the same thing happened with Lily the year she got her FB. She's also amped up her workout routine, and it's more than she would usually do for the show. 


This is a bit of a stretch, but it was posted after a VS shoot, and my mind immediately went to something FB related. :idk: 

Edit: It also just seems to be one of the choices that makes the most sense. Taking the vets out of the running for the bra, Elsa is one of the most used Angels when it comes to events, and campaigns, and VS seems to really like using her for press interviews. She also has the most experience with the company, since she has her time with Pink. That doesn't necessarily mean anything- see Doutzen- but it certainly can't hurt her chances. 


I could be totally off base and Adri gets her fourth bra, or they decide to set off riots by giving it to Martha but :idk: Just seems likely to me. 

I also think her hf surge is somewhat strange, and she is one of the top contenders for the FB.

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7 hours ago, *Luna* said:

I personally don't see how that "what is life" pic has anything to do with the FB... but that's just my personal opinion. As amazing as she is, I wouldn't be surprised if she never got the FB and that they will pull a Doutzen. If you think about it, they kept Elsa in PINK for way too long, while other girls like Candice started modeling the mainline pretty much immediately, or almost. I think Candice started modeling the mainline in 2008, maybe 2007? So I definitely wouldn't be surprised if they have Elsa be an angel for a couple of years and then decide to let her go just like Doutzen... Lots of people also seem to find Elsa too young looking, but then again, I read this comment saying she looks too old...? I don't see that at all tbh. 


I do see Taylor or Josephine getting it this year. Or even Romee.


Elsa had a contract of exclusivity with Pink so she couldn't do mainline, same happened with Behati and now it's Rachel and Zuri. VS doesn't mix PINK and mainline promo girls anymore, last one to do so was Chanel in 2011 or so and it was just because VS had no idea of what the hell to do with Chanel anymore.


Comparing Elsa to Dourzen is uniformed, in her short time as an Angel Elsa has probably done the same (if not more) campaigns, commercials and events that Doutzen did in her entire Angel run. Doutzen was (sadly) a bench Angel, VS only went to her when they pretty much didn't have anyone else (see 2008), it's sad because Doutzen would have been a great main Angel but VS always focused on other girls. Elsa however, has pretty much been in every big campaign VS has done since she became an Angel. Since they signed the NA, it's been pretty much Elsa, Taylor and Jasmine everywhere with everyone else being on the bench and rotating around those three. The only NA Angels who seem to have a realistic chance at opening the show or getting the FB are Elsa, Taylor and Jasmine but even there Elsa seems like the logical choice because she has more PR experience and has been with the brand for the longest. 


It's just a feeling I have, i could be wrong but to me it was always down to Adriana or Elsa this year for the FB, but after seeing some things I'm pretty sold on Elsa.

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