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17 hours ago, elfstone said:

 Do you know for sure? She didnt tag him or anything


Remijolivalt mentioned it in a post before me so I checked Ryan's instagram. He posted this picture of view of the beach with four wooden sun loungers with 2 grassy thatched roofs. Liz posted the video just before this with same items. Sure it's not 100% proof, as there are lots of these around beach resorts, but it does line up with the timing of each post. As for not tagging him; Liz barely ever tagged or made mention of her last boyfriend, of like 5 years, to any posts so that is not new. Ryan seems to keep very private with relationships on social media as well so he probably won't tag her anytime soon either. In comparison Bryana Holly has been going out with Nicholas Hoult for maybe 2 years or something and only just posted a pic on instagram with him the other day, I think maybe for the first time. They like their privacy from creepers like us, haha.



22 Apr 2019 - Ryan Eggold.jpg

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