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haha thanx everybody for the warm welcome!


and shirak, I'm not from Vienna, I'm from upper austria, but I will go there to study!  :)

i see :)

i've been to vienna last year, so niiicce city :wub:

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really, shirak? I love Vienna too! I'm so looking forward to study there! but my fave city ever is London! everytime I'm there, I feel like home!

i've been in london and vienna just 3/4 days :cry:

london is amazing too, i love it becuase you can find history and futuristic buildings at the same time....

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exactly! and I love the people there! and the style! everytime I go shopping in London, I want to buy sooo many things but I can't because here in the cow-town I live everybody would think I'm crazy when I would wear such clothes!

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