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104 ... Holler


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104 posts... its also how much i weigh.. yep



38-22-33 <--- the most irregular statistics I’ve ever seen

^^^^^^ <--- thats why my boyfriend calls me barbie

[right now i have two modeling cards and the other one actually say bust is 40... but i choose to tell people 38...so i dont get the American "bimbo" retorts]

But more importantly.... i have a question

does anyone have a scanner and know how to use it because i have tons of Brazilian magazines with alot of your favourite models featured in them...

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i have a bone density problem.. but im not going lie i am thing.. and small boned.. and my bone density doesn’t account for much weight but it contributes a little.... but umm yes i am thin... im not shapeless though i am very curvy.. okay im thin.. i suppose.. i eat i promise..

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