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Female models - Tanger Outlets, JCPenney, Kohl's, China Cart, & Sears

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As usual, any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 13 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - THANKS very much, as always, & Happy Holidays to all who celebrate them!

1. Tanger Outlets (Nov. 2018) -

39742613_TangerOutlets-11-04-2018.jpg 39742614_TangerOutlets-8.jpg

2. JCPenney (catalog) (unknown date/year, but likely from many years ago) -


3. In Style magazine, Dec. 2018 issue, p. 82; her black dress apparently designed by Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing -


4. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -


5. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -

39756868_Kohls_796.jpg 39756869_Kohls_795.jpg

6. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -

39756864_Kohls_800-1.jpg 39756865_Kohls_800.jpg 39756858_Target-42.jpg

7. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -

39756854_Kohls_805.jpg 39756859_Kohls_803.jpg

8. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -


I apologize (sorry) if I've posted her before

9. China-Cart.com (unknown date/year) -


10. Sears (Nov. 2018) -


11. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -

39756861_Kohls_802-1.jpg 39756862_Kohls_802.jpg

12. Kohl's (Nov. 2018) -


13. Kohl's (Nov. 2018; just the female model, on the far right) -


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I think #11 is very likely Georgie Wass, and all other 3 answers are certainly correct - THANKS very much!  I was quite saddened to hear that, tragically,  Leeann Viera apparently passed away on Jan. 26th, early this year - Leeann must have been only in her mid-50's at the time of her tragic death.  May she certainly RIP.


If anyone at all has any ideas whatsoever who any of the remaining ones could possibly be, they'll be greatly well-appreciated as well.


Happy Holidays to all who celebrate them!

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If no one has any ideas whatsoever whom #1 (Tanger Outlets) could possibly be, then does anyone at least recognize her face from anywhere else?  Even if we never eventually find out her name, I'm still wondering where/how else we could possibly see more of her.  Anything helpful whatsoever could very well end up tremendously appreciated!

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On 6/7/2020 at 2:34 PM, Cowboys1274 said:


Do you have any more  information regarding Lee Ann's passing ?


No - sorry, unfortunately I don't.  I just tried searching the Internet, and unfortunately the page that gave some info., but not much, about her death on Jan. 26th, 2018 can no longer be found.  Apparently it was a page for a high school from which Leann graduated in 1981, which was how I concluded that she must have likely been in her mid-50's at the time of her tragic passing away.

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Well, actually, I just did another brief search for any info. about Leann Viera's tragic passing, and this time I somehow managed to find this Facebook page that was the same one that I discovered back in Dec. 2018 -



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