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6 minutes ago, GlitterAndWings said:

I think VS messed up by not having The Struts in Glam and then Leela in Celestial...


This is what I was thinking as well !  “This is me “ with the choir (like 2001 and 2006) in Celestial Angels and Adriana closing is much better in theory . Also I wish Keala Settle was able to performed it


and yeah the struts “ Body Talks “ as opening would be great energy 


also missed opportunity of Ariana Grande God is A Woman as well.. like Flights segment or also celestial angel  would be nice 

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6 hours ago, bump said:

I wouldn't do the show again if I was given this crap to wear.



One of the first times I would totally disagree with you..


I would go home from castings and throw a little tantrum about how awful my outfit is, but when anyone who is anyone who can get me back into the show next year is around I would be blowing butterfly kisses up their ....


And hope I get another outfit next year. Jobs a job. This one seems pretty intense and still has a great media presence.



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30 minutes ago, GlitterAndWings said:

From Andrew Fitzsimmons (hair stylist)..


Major eye roll. This is ridiculous.


So he said Trans isn’t the fantasy they’re selling and suddenly it’s transphobic. 


Im gonna bring one of the best moments from ANTM history in as a true lesson.



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50 minutes ago, PinkCouture said:


Ashley is even more extra and thirsty than Robyn. I really can't stand her!!!! She is gorgeous but her personality is very ugly :/

Couldn’t agree more. I could bet my money on it that if VS ever asked her to walk the fashion show one year, she’d do it in a heartbeat. Even if VS would ever become more size inclusive, they definitely wouldn’t pick a model with her measurements.

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Sofia said that Candice picked out that t-shirt outfit herself, but others are not believing her and accusing her of lying to save her face. 

What do you think did Candice really choose the outfit or they gave it to her without asking for her opinion. 

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Well I don’t know. Candice was opening that segment either way so if they had that outfit set as the opening she might not have had a choice. I feel like at least the top Angels should have some say. We all remember Lily in 2014 wanting a different outfit and she got it. So I don’t see why they wouldn’t check with her first.


I’m pretty sure Adriana always gets to say yes or no to what she wears lol.

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6 hours ago, Volupté said:

I have a question, is VS more affordable in the US? Because in France this is very expensive.. 

It’s *kind of* affordable, but still definitely overpriced, especially when you consider the quality of the products. But as someone else said, it can depend on what brands you’re comparing it to. You can definitely get better quality lingerie and intimates for cheaper prices 

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